By Javier Farreres

DSSSL (Document variety Semantics and Specification Language) is an ISO ordinary (ISO/IEC 10179: 1996) released within the yr 1996. DSSSL is a customary of the SGML relations (Standard Generalized Markup Language, ISO 8879:1986), whose target is to set up a processing version for SGML files. For a great knowing of the SGML typical, many books exist together with Author's guide[BryanI988] and The SGML handbook[GoldfarbI990]. A DSSSL record is an SGML record, written with an analogous principles that advisor any SGML record. The constitution of a DSSSL rfile is defined in bankruptcy 2. DSSSL is predicated, partially, on scheme, a typical practical programming language. The DSSSL subset of scheme besides the approaches supported through DSSSL are defined in bankruptcy three. The DSSSL regular begins with the supposition of a pre-existing SGML record, and provides a chain of procedures that may be played on it: • Groves the 1st approach that's played on an SGML record in DSSSL is often the research of the rfile and the construction of a grove. The DSSSL commonplace stocks many universal features with one other usual of the SGML family members, HyTime (ISO/IEC 10744). those criteria have been constructed in parallel, and their builders designed a typical info version, the grove, that may aid the processing wishes of every standard.

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2 . 3» is equivalent to (1 2 . 1. Lists and Quote The list syntax is exactly the same as that of procedure application: there is no syntactic difference between them. Whenever a list is used as an argument to a procedure call, if nothing is done to prevent it, when the list argument is evaluated, it is assumed to be a procedure call to be executed. Thus, to ensure the correct interpretation, quote must be used. Example 3-24. Syntactic Similarity between Lists and Procedures There is no syntactic difference between the two lines of code below.

Sqrt (sqrt q) Returns the square root of q. The dimension of q must be even. The dimension of the result will be half the dimension of q. If q is negative, an error will be generated. expt (expt x, x,) Chapter 3. The Programming Language 42 quantity->number (quantity->number q) Returns the number of quantity q. number->string (number->string number) Returns a string with a representation of number in base 10. (number->string number radix) Returns a string with a representation of number in base radix.

Example 3-64. Char-ci=? (char-ci;? #\A #\a) ~ #t char-upcase (char-upcase char) Returns the upper-case equivalent of char as defined by the current language. 2. char-downcase (char-downcase char) Returns the lower-case equivalent of char as defined by the current language. 2. 45 Chapter 3. The Programming Language char-property (char-property symbol char) Returns the value of property symbol of char, otherwise returns the default value of property symbol. (char-property symbol char obj) Returns the value of property symbol of char, otherwise returns obj.

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