By Denis L. Baggi, Goffredo M. Haus

Track is way greater than hearing audio encoded in a few unreadable binary layout. it's, as a substitute, an event just like analyzing a e-book and coming into its international, whole with a narrative, plot, sound, photographs, texts, and many similar facts with, for example, old, clinical, literary, and musicological contents. Navigation of this global, comparable to that of an opera, a jazz suite and jam consultation, a symphony, a bit from non-Western tradition, is feasible because of the standards of recent typical IEEE 1599, IEEE suggested perform for outlining a typically appropriate Musical program utilizing XML, which makes use of symbols in language XML and song layers to precise all its multimedia features. as a result of its encompassing beneficial properties, this common permits using current audio and video criteria, in addition to restoration of fabric in a few previous structure, the occasions of that are controlled via a unmarried XML dossier, that's human and computer readable - musical symbols were learn by means of people for no less than 40 centuries.

somebody eager to observe a working laptop or computer software utilizing IEEE 1599 -- song and computing device technological know-how departments, desktop generated track study laboratories (e.g. CCRMA at Stanford, CNMAT at Berkeley, and IRCAM in Paris), song library conservationists, song frontrunners (Apple, TDK, Yamaha, Sony), and so on. -- will desire this primary book-length explanation of the new standard as a reference.

The ebook will contain a guide instructing the best way to encode track with IEEE 1599 as an appendix, plus a CD-R with a video demonstrating the purposes defined within the textual content and real pattern purposes that the consumer can load onto his or her workstation and scan with.

Chapter 1 The IEEE 1599 ordinary (pages 1–20): Denis L. Baggi and Goffredo M. Haus
Chapter 2 Encoding track info (pages 21–36): Luca A. Ludovico
Chapter three Structuring track details (pages 37–56): Adriano Barate and Goffredo M. Haus
Chapter four Modeling and looking song Collections (pages 57–76): Alberto Pinto
Chapter five characteristic Extraction and Synchronization between Layers (pages 77–95): Antonello D'aguanno, Goffredo M. Haus and Davide A. Mauro
Chapter 6 IEEE 1599 and Sound Synthesis (pages 97–114): Luca A. Ludovico
Chapter 7 IEEE 1599 functions for leisure and schooling (pages 115–132): Adriano Barate and Luca A. Ludovico
Chapter eight previous initiatives utilizing Symbols for song (pages 133–150): Denis L. Baggi

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Music Navigation with Symbols and Layers: Toward Content Browsing with IEEE 1599 XML Encoding

Tune is way greater than hearing audio encoded in a few unreadable binary structure. it's, as a substitute, an experience just like interpreting a publication and getting into its international, whole with a narrative, plot, sound, pictures, texts, and lots of comparable info with, for example, historic, clinical, literary, and musicological contents.

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Computers and the Humanities, 9(6):291–298 (June). Haus, G. 1988. ” IEEE Computer, 31(3):88–89. , and Longari, M. 2005. ” Computer Music Journal, 29(1):70–85. Kahn, A. 2000. Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece. New York: Da Capo Press. Kahn, A. 2006. The House That Trane Built: The Story of Impulse Records. W. Norton. LIM. it. R. 1991. ” IEEE Computer, pp. 76–79 (July). Recordare. html. Roland, P. pdf. XML. org/standards/xml. 2 ENCODING MUSIC INFORMATION Luca A. Ludovico Summary: This technical chapter describes in detail the multi-layer structure of IEEE 1599 and how synchronization among different layers is achieved, mostly thanks to the spine, the data structure that holds all of the different layers together.

1. The typical multi-layer structure for an IEEE 1599 document. 25 26 Encoding Music Information • General. This layer contains metadata about the music piece. Information stored there is not directly related to music events such as notes and rests, and refers rather to the piece as a whole. Content examples include music-related metadata, that is, catalog information about the piece, genre classification, and a number of ancillary documents such as playbills or on-stage photos. • Logic. 7. For now, it is sufficient to view the spine as the glue among all layers.

A didactical application. 10. The opening screen for the “La caccia” (the hunt), music by Antonio Vivaldi. See color insert. Example VIII: “La caccia,” from Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (“Autumn”) Each movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, composed in 1723, is accompanied by a sonnet that refers to and describes sections of the music. 10), and six verses refer to it as follows: Examples of Applications of IEEE 1599 to Increase Music Enjoyment I cacciator alla nov’alba a caccia Con corni, schioppi, e cani escono fuore Fugge la belua, e seguono la traccia; Già sbigottita, e lassa a gran rumore De’ schioppi e cani, ferita minaccia Languida di fuggir, ma oppressa muore.

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