By Pablo Angueira

''This functional e-book presents layout and implementation directions for LOS (Line of Sight) Microwave Radio hyperlinks, that are a technological necessity within the telecommunications undefined, delivering readers plentiful case reports and how one can observe and cling to criteria. The insurance describes the process for designing a frequency plan and a channel association constitution in accordance with ITU present criteria with Read more...


This functional e-book offers layout and implementation guidance for LOS (Line of Sight) Microwave Radio hyperlinks, that are a technological necessity within the telecommunications undefined, offering Read more...

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12b shows the functional equipment blocks of the link. The transmitter section of a link performs radio multiplexing, error correction, modulation, IF to RF frequency up-conversion, amplification and filtering functions. The receiver block, in turn, performs RF pass-band filtering, RF to IF frequency conversion, demodulation and radio de-multiplexation. Many of these functions can be integrated into common transmission and reception modules. Thus, multiplexer and demultiplexers (MULDEMs) are composed of combined radio multiplex and de-multiplexation stages; modulator demodulators combine modulation and demodulation functions and transceivers perform the frequency conversion from IF to RF and vice versa.

The theoretical calculation of the threshold value is based on the Eb /N 0 value associated with the BER objective. The Eb /N 0 is the relationship between the energy per bit and the spectra density of the noise. 4 shows a list of commonly used modulation schemes and associated Eb /N 0 threshold values for usual error performance objectives (10−3 and 10−6 ). Once the value of w is set, the power level threshold value is immediate, provided the bitrate R and the receiver noise figure F are known.

Phase 2 Detailed Link Design. 1. Design of an initial frequency plan. This task will propose the radio channel arrangements in each one of the hops of the link. 2. Detailed study of the radioelectric route. ). 3. Assignment of error performance objectives to the different sections (hops) of the radio link and analysis of the system threshold values. 4. Link budget design in each one of the link hops. Evaluation of system margins and preliminary decision about the use of diversity and redundancy techniques.

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