By B. L. Shaw and L. A. K. Stavely (Auth.)

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The amide ion N H 2~ is a very strong base and can take u p a proton from extremely weak acids such as phosphine, acetylene and substituted acetylenes P H 3 + N H 2~ R C . C H + N H 2~ • P H 2- + N H 3 • R C i C - + N H 3; these reactions are much used in the synthesis of substituted phosphines and acetylenes. Ammonia is generally a good electron donor or Lewis base and forms complexes with typical electron acceptors such as boron trifluoride. It is also the most widely studied ligand for forming complexes with metals and the stability constants of most metals with ammonia are known in aqueous systems.

They are reducing agents, for example they reduce potassium permanganate to manganese dioxide, mercuric chloride to 44 SILICON, GERMANIUM, TIN, LEAD 45 mercurous chloride and ferric ion to ferrous ion. Silanes are readily hydrolysed in alkaline solutions and also in strongly acid solutions, giving hydrogen in both cases. With alcohols in the presence of the corresponding alkoxide ions as catalysts they give ortho esters. SiH 4 + 4 R O H > Si(OR) 4 + 4 H 2. Treatment of silane with sodium-potassium alloy in ethylene glycol dimethyl ether gives silylpotassium, K S i H 3, which can be isolated as a white solid.

13a (the term (a) (M (c) FIG. 5 . 1 3 . Structures of 1 , 2 - (a), 1 , 3 - (b) and 1 , 4 - (c) dicarbaclovododecacarboranes-12. The carbon atoms are shown thus ( • ) , boron atoms are at the other apices. Each boron and carbon atom is bonded to one hydrogen atom. clovo is derived from the Greek word for cage). p. 287-288°C by treating decaborane-14 with diethyl sulphide followed by acetylene B i 0H 14 + E t 2S • B 1H01(2E t 2S ) 2 2 HC=CH • B 1C02H 1. 2 It is the carborane analogue of B 1 H21 -2 and has very high thermal stability.

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