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The Small Army Strategy

We've entered a fierce conflict for recognition. You won't be the following Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin or Chris Brogan. the area doesn't want extra copycats. It wishes you to be you. the single manner you've bought a shot at successful this conflict for recognition is to offer all yours to the few that topic. crucial humans on this planet are those who appear for you.

The Worlds of Herman Kahn: The Intuitive Science of Thermonuclear War

Herman Kahn used to be the single nuclear strategist in the USA who may have made a dwelling as a standup comic. certainly, galumphing round levels around the nation, joking his manner via one gruesome thermonuclear state of affairs after one other, he got here frighteningly shut. In telling the tale of Herman Kahn, whose 1960 ebook On Thermonuclear struggle catapulted him into famous person, Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi captures an period that continues to be a great deal with us--a time whose innocence, ugly nuclear humor, and outrageous yet lethal severe visions of annihilation have their echoes within the "known unknowns and unknown unknowns" that advisor policymakers in our personal embattled international.

The last warrior : Andrew Marshall and the shaping of modern American defense strategy

Andrew Marshall is a Pentagon legend. For greater than 4 a long time he has served as Director of the place of work of web overview, the Pentagon’s inner imagine tank, below twelve safety secretaries and 8 administrations. but Marshall has been at the innovative of strategic considering even longer than that.

Hostage-Taking Terrorism: Incident-Response Strategy

Examines the issues governments face or are inclined to face in dealing with a hostage state of affairs. The e-book seeks to handle the really expert topic of drawback administration while utilized to hostage/siege incidents and concentrates, specifically, at the recommendations utilized in siege negotiations.

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It was to become the essence of blitzkrieg doctrine—cripple the decisionmaking leadership. Ramses was saved by the timely arrival of reinforcements and Hittite avarice. In the confusion of the pillage, Ramses organized a desperate breakout which soon became a counterattack. Leading a small force of chariots, the Egyptians attacked Hittite groups in sequence, gobbling them up and snatching victory from defeat. ”2 The Celtic chariot carried a driver and a warrior; tactics included a rapid approach, close quarter battle, and timely withdrawal.

445, after Bleda mysteriously died (rumored to have been killed by Attila himself), Attila took the throne as undisputed lord of the Huns. He again turned his attention toward the empire, returning to his western seat on the Danube and hovering menacingly over the peripheries of Roman control. d. 447 Attila invaded; his cavalry overwhelmed Roman and Gothic coalitions and again threatened Constantinople. During the negotiated armistice, the Roman emissary observed Attila during a banquet in his tented cavalry encampment: A luxurious meal, served on silver plate, had been made ready for us and the barbarian guests, but Attila ate nothing but meat on a wooden trencher.

Brawny muscles swell upon his noble chest. ”17 The introduction of war elephants created a temporary tactical advantage centered on shock and momentum. The exotic smell also terrified European horses. Hannibal’s elephants were few and, like tanks in the early twentieth century, relatively delicate. The journey from Africa to Spain, through Southern France, across to snow covered passes of the Alps and finally the northern valleys of Italy eroded their numbers. It is a tribute to the veterinary skills of the Carthaginian army that any elephants arrived at all.

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