By M. Denker, K. Jacobs

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1+1=10: Mathematik für Höhlenmenschen

Mehr als die einfache Logik eines Frühmenschen brauchen Sie nicht, um die Grundzüge der Mathematik zu verstehen. Denn Sie treffen in diesem Buch viele einfache, quickly gefühlsmäßig zu erfassende mathematische Prinzipien des täglichen Lebens. Deswegen kann der Autor bei seinem Versuch, die Mathematik „begreiflich“ zu machen, in die Steinzeit zurückgehen – genauer gesagt: etwa in die Jungsteinzeit, 10.

Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis

The seriously acclaimed laboratory regular for greater than 40 years, equipment in Enzymology is without doubt one of the so much hugely revered guides within the box of biochemistry. given that 1955, every one volumehas been eagerly awaited, usually consulted, and praised by way of researchers and reviewers alike. greater than 275 volumes were released (all of them nonetheless in print) and masses of the fabric is suitable even today-truly an important e-book for researchers in all fields of existence sciences.

Schöne Sätze der Mathematik. Ein Überblick mit kurzen Beweisen

In diesem Buch finden Sie Perlen der Mathematik aus 2500 Jahren, beginnend mit Pythagoras und Euklid über Euler und Gauß bis hin zu Poincaré und Erdös. Sie erhalten einen Überblick über schöne und zentrale mathematische Sätze aus neun unterschiedlichen Gebieten und einen Einblick in große elementare Vermutungen.

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P. LEMAN (1), H. GOESAERT (1), J. DELCOUR (1). U. LEUVEN, Leuven, Belgium. Bread recipes are commonly supplemented with amylases. Through their action, these enzymes provide reducing sugars which support yeast metabolism, improve crust color and reduce dough viscosity in the initial phases of baking, hence facilitating dough expansion. Some heat-stable amylases (including a Bacillus stearothermophilus maltogenic amylase, BStA) are also very effective in retarding bread staling, although their functionality is still poorly understood at present.

The new EU Regulation EC 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods (Anonymous, 2007) is aiming at avoiding situations where nutrition or health claims mask poor overall nutritional quality of a food product. To this end nutrient profiles will be defined. These will take into account the content of different nutrients and substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, such as salt/sodium, sugars, saturated and trans fats, excessive intakes of which in the overall diet are not recommended, as well as poly- and mono-unsaturated fats, available carbohydrates other than sugars, vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre.

ARO (2), V. HIETANIEMI (2), P. LEHTINEN (1), K. POUTANEN (1). (1) VTT Technical Research Centre, Espoo, Finland; (2) MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Jokioinen, Finland. Oat is a superior source of soluble fibre plus phytochemicals, unsaturated fatty acids and high-quality protein. The consumers are aware of the health-promoting properties of oat and the physiological effects of oat β-glucans are evident and well-documented, Different type of commercial β-glucan fractions are available on global market.

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