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Errors of up to ±5° are possible because the reciprocal lattice point is streaked at an angle to the incident beam direction and not parallel to it as it is at zero specimen tilt. 4. Even in this case, provided that Kikuchi lines a long way outside 27 their spots are not used, the error introduced is less than the errors in measurement. , g /4 to the centre spot in the diffraction pattern, measurements may be safely made (Pumphrey, 1970). lf the specimen is bent or has a high defect density the Kikuchi lines become diffuse and become undetectable.

37(a). The Ewald sphere cuts the centre of the reciprocal lattice streak and the bright Kikuchi line runs through the spot. 37(b), the Kikuchi line lies inside the spot because the centre of the reciprocal lattice streak lies below the Ewald sphere. 37(c), the Kikuchi line lies outside the spot because the centre of the reciprocal lattice streak lies above the Ewald sphere. 3. 37. The value of s may be obtained by measuring the distance of the bright Kikuchi line from its associated diffraction spot.

5) Arbitrarily index one of the closest-in spots with particular (hkl) indices . (6) Choose specific combinations of h, k and l for two additional spots which may be added vectorially to obtain the first arbitrary (hkl) value in (5) above. 8) to check the angular Practical Electron Microscopy 26 relationships between the three spots. 23), to obtain B. 21). 23). 26), etc. 2. 2 Spot patterns-identity ofmaterial unknown (1) Obtain a number of patterns using different B parallel to simple zone axes, that is simple patterns with a high spot density.

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