By Geoff Thompson

One of many few genuine self-protection publications out there this present day, this ebook will educate you in the beginning the way to stay away from violent occasions. yet for those who end up in a single, it's going to additionally help you keep an eye on your self and your feelings so that you can functionality on a actual point to safeguard your self.

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They rarely look like potential attackers. The archetypal stocking-faced robber with a cosh and a swag bag is far removed from the real world villain who is more likely to be dressed in a smart suit and tie. John Cannan was such a killer. These are his own words: ‘I bought my ladies roses and champagne. I always wore a suit and drove my black BMW. ’ Cannan is now serving life in prison for the murder of Shirley Banks, and numerous other rapes. Then there was Michael Benniman Sams, a brutal killer, yet the most unlikely man in the world to commit such heinous crimes as he only had one leg.

This hides the major organs from attack. Distance close-down With every passing second of the altercation, the attacker will advance closer to his victim, his movements and tone becoming more erratic and aggressive the closer he gets to actual attack. It is worth mentioning that the foregoing is the complete ritual. Occasionally, depending upon the victim’s response, the attacker may jump steps, for instance from the question to the actual challenge, so an early exit is always advisable. 40 ATTACKERS AND ATTACK RITUALS My Advice Whilst it may bash your ego a little, my advice is sound if you do not want to engage in a physical encounter.

Again, this is not about defending your ego, it is about possibly defending your life or your liberty and if a pub or club is so threatening that I think I might be attacked ‘just for being there’ then I sure as hell don’t want to drink there any more. There are dozens of drinking holes in every town or city; choose one where you will be sharing the company of people a little less barbarous. Often people feel that they have to fight for their territory. Don’t bother if that territory is a spot by the bar at the ‘Egg and Chip’, because it just isn’t worth it.

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