By Lam Kam Chuen

Advantages of stimulating the stream of chi are renowned within the japanese hemisphere. Now, for the 1st time in print within the Western international, grasp Lam Kam Chuen offers this complex technique for making improvements to concentration, respiring, and creativity.

The perform of chi kung is based at the 5 energies procedure of chinese language philosophy. via grasp Chuen’s cautious course, you'll grasp key positions and activities that may improve your strength, reduce pressure, stave off disorder, and improve your total health.

Chi Kung is either an expertly crafted educational consultant and a in all likelihood life-enriching adventure. stick with the master’s instructing and insights to accomplish every one functional procedure. think your muscle groups develop more impregnable whereas your brain turns into extra acutely aware, but relaxed. In establishing this booklet, you open your self to the super strength of chi.

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Chi Kung: Way of Power

Advantages of stimulating the circulation of chi are popular within the japanese hemisphere. Now, for the 1st time in print within the Western global, grasp Lam Kam Chuen offers this complex process for bettering concentration, respiring, and creativity. The perform of chi kung is based at the 5 energies method of chinese language philosophy.

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The lower part of your left leg is perpendicular to the floor. Your right leg will naturally incline in the direction of your left foot and be straight with the foot flat on the floor. Transfer as much of your weight as you can on to your left leg. Lean your torso over to that side, making a straight line from the outside of your right foot up to your left shoulder. Raise your left hand up and turn it to press away from your head. Your right hand presses away in the direction of your rear foot.

Again, allow these surges of energy to happen without resisting or exaggerating them. When you tire, which may be after a very short period, slowly lower your arms and return to Wu Chi. 7 31 DEEP POWER Deep Power After you become familiar with The Great Circle and are able to remain relaxed in that posture for at least 20 minutes, you can practice sinking lower. Your power deepens as you feel your lower back sliding downwards. Remember to keep your knees from bending over your toes. A slight forward incline of your torso is natural.

58 THE DRAGON As you lean to one side, more and more of your body weight shifts to your front foot. As this happens, try to keep your forward hand as high as possible. It should be at least as high as your head. Your palm is turned out-wards and your fingers are spread apart, like the talons of a dragon. Your rear hand is level with your hips. The palm is turned to press away in the same direction as your rear foot, with the fingers fully spread. Your head is turned so that you can look in the direction of your rear hand.

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