By Dale J. Benos (Eds.)

Sodium reabsorbing epithelia play an incredible function in whole-body sodium homeostasis. a few examples of sodium regulating tissues contain kidney, colon, lung, and sweat ducts. Sodium delivery throughout those membranes is a two-step method: access via an amiloride-sensitive sodium channel and go out through the ouabain-sensitive sodium/potassium ATPase. The sodium access channels are the rate-limiting determinant for shipping and are regulated via a number of various hormones. The sodium channels additionally play an important function in a few illness states, like high blood pressure, edema, drug-induced hyperkalemia, and cystic fibrosis. Amiloride-Sensitive Sodium Channels: body structure and useful range offers the 1st in-depth alternate of rules relating those sodium channels, their rules and involvement in general and pathophysiological events. Key beneficial properties * Summarizes present nation of amiloride-sensitive sodium channel box * Analyzes structure-function of epithelial sodium channels * Discusses immunolocalization of epithelial sodium channels * Examines hormonal law of sodium channels * Discusses sodium channels in lymphocytes, kidney, and lung * Considers mechanosensitivity of sodium channels * offers rules on sodium channels and affliction

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Reprinted with permission from Fuller et al, (1997). 1. StructureFunction in LybENaC a- bENaC 17 WT .. a- bENaC K515E a- bENaC K504E Time (min) ... 18 C. M. Fuller et al. ,,/ 100 mM FIGURE 7 Currentlvoltage relationship and ion selectivity for wild-type, K504E, and K515E abENaC. The current/voltage relations for wt abENaC and K504E and K515E abENaC are shown on the top panel. Neither mutation affected single-channel conductance recorded under symmetrical conditions. The ion selectivity of wild-type and mutant ENaC subunits was determined under bi-ionic conditions, with 100 mM Na+ in the trans compartment and 100 mM K+ in the cis chamber, and is shown in the bottom panel.

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