By Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

Clash is an unavoidable element of residing. The past due popular aikido grasp Terry Dobson, including Victor Miller, current aikido as a foundation for clash answer. «Attack-tics» is a procedure of clash solution in line with the rules of aikido, the non-violent martial artwork Morihei Ueshiba created after global struggle II. now not all conflicts are contests, say Dobson and Miller, and never all conflicts are both threatening.
Preface to the second one Edition
PART 1. starting attack-tics
I. Losers Weepers
II. Conflict
III. Theres extra to clash than struggle or Flight
IV. Your clash Options
V. Centering
VI. Aiki
VII. Aiki and the round Attack
VIII. an afternoon within the Life
PART 2. complicated attack-tics
IX. Geometry: the form of Conflict
X. a number of Attack
XI. yet Isnt It demanding to Change
XII. Now you are attempting It
XIII. the main antagonistic Aggressor of All
XIV. The Spirit of Attack-tics and the Attack-tics of Spirit
Attack-tics Reminders

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WHEN TO WITHDRAW Withdrawal is an appropriate response in the following kinds of situations: When all elsefails and an escape route is open to you. In the physical sense, this response is obvious. You are Fighting Back against a bruiser and losing. If you spend much longer at it, you'll be broken in two. Unless you're a romantic with decidedly masochistic tendencies, there's little glory to be had in hanging around for Armageddon. You run as fast as you can if you still can ... " In the realm of verbal conflict, Withdrawal is tougher to visualize, because it doesn't always involve leaving the scene.

But it's so obvious, you say. Nobody could possibly equate being burned alive with being disgusted. , 20 Aikido in Everyday Life shops we've had to deal with conflicts that were just as exaggerated. How about the officeworker who perceives his desk-location change as a conflict equal to his being fired? Daily jobs are literally crammed with just such conflicts that are given higher priority than they deserve. Remember: Each conflict must be viewed in terms of the importance you consciously assign to it.

Conflict Conflict 19 simply is. That doesn't mean we have to like it or enjoy it or cause it or seek it or get off on it. Attack-tics is not some new form of fascism; it is a vital form of protection which demands that conflict be understood and accepted for what it is. And understanding it means that a reasonable response to conflict is possible-unless we see all conflicts as equally threatening, we misperceive a conflict, or we don't even see it coming. MAGNIFIERS: PEOPLE WHO SEE ALL CONFLICf AS EQUALLY THREATENING Sad to say, there are people who see all conflicts as equal in importance.

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