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This reference quantity is the definitive advisor to the economics and politics of the center East. It offers transparent definitions detailing phrases, options, names and corporations utilized in relation to present monetary or affairs of state within the center East. Entries outline, clarify and provides extra proper info on nations, areas, ethnic teams, political events, organisations, regulations and disputes.

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He is related to Ali Allawi, Iraq’s defence minister. Allenby Bridge The bridge between Jordan and the Occupied Territory of the West Bank. Named after Gen. Allenby, a British general who headed the British High Command in Cairo during the First World War. Alliance nationale républicaine (ANR) Algerian political grouping, founded in 1995. An anti-Islamist party, it is led by Redha Malek. Allon, Yigal (1918–80) An Israeli statesman and military commander. Allon was a commander and one of the founders of the Palmah crack commando unit of the Haganah, leading decisive operations during the War of Independence.

Agriculture remains under-funded and poorly-performing; there are often shortages in basic foodstuffs. There is a large black market. The bureaucracy remains cumbersome, inefficient and corrupt. Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights A legally recognized Algerian NGO, headed by Ali Yahia Abdennour. Algerian National Congress —see Congrès national algérien A-Z 31 Algerian National Front Front national algérien Algerian political grouping, founded in 1999. Led by Moussa Touati, it advocates the eradication of poverty and supports the government’s domestic peace initiatives.

The Amu Darya was accepted by Russia as the northern boundary of Afghanistan, where Britain had given support to Emir Sher Ali, the Afghan king, in 1873. This was officially confirmed in 1887. The Bolsheviks acknowledged the Amu Darya border in 1920 and the Afghan-Soviet Treaty of 1946 again proclaimed its significance, applying the thalweg (middle channel) principle of international law to the boundary. Anfal campaign The campaign against the Kurds waged by the Iraqi regime in 1988, during which poison gas was used on cities, including Halabja.

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