By Douglas Q. Adams

The second one variation of A Dictionary of Tocharian B comprises considerably all Tocharian B phrases present in usually released texts, in addition to all these of the London and Paris collections released digitally (digital ebook of the Paris assortment continues to be incomplete), and a considerable variety of the Berlin assortment released digitally. The variety of entries is greater than twenty according to cent more than within the first version. the general method is decidedly philological. All phrases other than right names are supplied with instance contexts. each one note is given in all its a number of attested morphological varieties, in its variation spellings, and mentioned semantically, syntactically (where appropriate), and etymologically. New to the second one variation is the project, the place attainable, of the examples of the word’s use to their unique chronological interval (Archaic, Early, Classical, Late/Colloquial). This relationship presents the start of the research of the Tocharian B vocabulary on a ancient foundation. incorporated also are a opposite English-Tocharian B index and, one other innovation to this version, a common index verborum of Indo-European cognates.

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D-b5A), wärpƗte a‫܈‬añike bodhisatve … onkorñai pinwƗt [sic] ‘the worthy bodhisatva accepted/enjoyed the porridge [as] alms’ (107b8L); (b) • ista[k pañä]kt[e]-kä‫܈܈‬i cau wäntare Ğarsa a‫܈‬anikeۨ ĝƗriputreۨ MaudgalyƗyaneۨ ‘immediately the buddha-teacher made this affair known to the arhats ĝ. ’ (375b1L). ’ is derived from Ɨ‫܈‬Ɨۨ. v. ŹSee also aৢƗূ. ’ : a‫܈‬anto tuwe tsme[tar] /// (THT-1286a4E). taññe ñem mƗ=‫܈‬Ɨۨ ste kƗkatsi ‘… [by] name is not worthy to be invited’ (92b2C), [in Manichean script] ‘ž’n (Gabain/Winter:11); —mƗ-aৢƗূ ‘unworthy’: /// samp m=Ɨ‫܈܈‬Ɨۨ yatsi /// ‘that one [is] unworthy to go’ (IT-120a2C).

TchA aptsaradarĞaۨ. ) [//abrajinta, -, -] (326b3L). ŶCf. B(H)S abrajas-. ) ‘non-vessel’ [abhƗjaূ, -, -//] (IT-159b1C). ŶFrom B(H)S abhƗjana-. ]) ‘(higher) knowledge, supernatural science’ [-, -, abhijñä//-, -, abhijñänta] (31a3C). ŶB(H)S abhijñƗ- (cf. TchA abhijñe). ) ‘Buddhist metaphysics’ [-, -, abhidhƗrm//] (KVƗc-17a5/b1/THT-1109a5/b1C [Schmidt, 1986]), (GSu2Col). ŶFrom B(H)S abhidarma-. ]) ‘one learnèd in the abhidhƗrma’ [abhidharmike, -, -//] (IT-248b4C, THT-4001b6Col). v. abhidhƗrm supra).

3a5C [Pinault, 1989:156]). ŶFrom B(H)S anumodita-, the participle of anumud-. Anumodit yƗm- is the equivalent of B(H)S anumodayati. ) ‘AnurƗdhƗ’ (the constellation ‘Scorpio’) [-, -, Anurat//] (M-2a3/PK-AS-8Ba3C). ŶFrom B(H)S anurƗdhƗ-. ). [//anulakৢan(än)ta, -, -] (182b5C). ŶFrom B(H)S *anu-lak‫܈‬a۬a- (compound not in M-W or Edgerton). ŹSee also lakৢƗূ. ’ ƔA derivative of some sort of B(H)S anuvrֈt- ‘follow’? Used as a gloss in SHT1709 (Malzahn, 2007b). ) ‘instructor, director’ [anuĞƗsake, anuĞƗsakentse, -//] (KVƗc-8a3, -18a4, -18b1, -19a3, -19b5/THT1110C, THT-1111C [Schmidt, 1986]).

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