25 FAQ’s about IF: Gathering and IF: Richmond/Katy


We know many of you have questions and we hope that we have covered most of them on this post. If you have any other questions please contact us!

1. What is IF: Gathering?
That is a full question! In a nutshell, IF: Gathering is a global gathering “that seeks to gather, equip and unleash women to live out God’s calling on their lives.” IF: Gathering comes together once a year along with Local gathering around the world to “disciple a generation” and throughout the year they invest in women by creating tools that allow us to minister within the local church. You can read more about IF: Gathering at www.ifgathering.com

2. What is an IF: Local?
IF: Local is a gathering that brings women together to seek God and equip them to live out their callings. “We seek to model, resource, and empower women so that they create fresh, honest spaces in their local contexts to wrestle with essential questions of faith.”

3. What can I expect during the Local IF: Richmond/Katy Gathering?
You can expect to find women of every denomination, culture and race in our local community hearing, teaching and having intentional conversations at tables. At the IF: Richmond/Katy Gathering we will watch the Gathering from Austin via a livestream. We will engage in questions and conversations at the table where we can dig deeper, wrestle and dream. You will also find various ministries at our Local Gathering who will be sharing how they are impacting our cities, country and world. Register at www.ifrichmondkaty.com

4. It’s a livestream? What does that mean?
The Live Gathering is held in Austin during the same time as the local gathering. The Austin Gathering is kept intentionally small because the heart of IF is within the local context and for the local Church.

5. What does IF: Gathering believe?
IF: Gathering upholds the values and beliefs of the Nicene Creed. For more information, we encourage you to go to https://ifgathering.com/who-we-are/

6. Why is this called a “Global Gathering”?
In 2014, the very first IF: Gathering had an estimated number of 150,000 IF: Local Attendees and a representation of 22 different countries. In 2015, If Gathering had 1,500 women hosting IF: Gatherings and 44 countries represented. Right now there is an estimated 1,800 IF: Locals. You can view the map of IF: Locals around the world at www.ifgathering.com

7. What is the Goal of IF: Richmond/Katy?
We desire to bring IF: Gathering to our City because we fully believe in the teaching, discipleship and tools provided by IF: Gathering. Our desire is to unite and equip our people in our places and within the local church and the community. We believe when women gather together, across denominations, cultures and race and become unified under the name of Jesus, nothing can stop the Kingdom of God.

8. But I am Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, etc?
Wonderful! The body of Christ is made up of so many people and traditions and we are excited to learn from you and be united under the name that is above all names, Jesus!

9. What is the theme of IF: 2016?
This year we will be looking at the Life of Jesus and how to live like He did, full of grace and Truth. The Theme Verse is John 1:14 “And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory, glory as of His only Son, from the Father, full of grace and truth.” You can go here, https://vimeo.com/140465636 and watch this great video for more information, plus it will get you really excited!

10. Who are the speakers?
IF: Gathering intentionally does not tell us who the speakers are so that we are not drawn to a name, but to His name.

11. How much is it to register for IF: Richmond/Katy and what does that include?
Registration for IF: Richmond/Katy is $35. It is a 2 step process where you will be asked to register by adding your information first, then you will be taken to a separate page where you will be shown the $35 fee for our Local IF, and then you will be asked to make a one time donation of atleast $1.00 to IF: Gathering which would bring your total to at least $36.00. IF: Gathering gives us the livestream for completely free and equips us with many great resources so that our Local Gathering will be quite the experience and we encourage you to give what you can. Our local $35 fee includes all meals, snacks, drinks, administrative costs and more for a weekend where you will be taken well care of.

12. Where is IF: Richmond/Katy being hosted?
IF: Richmond/Katy is being hosted in the Student Ministry Building of Parkway Fellowship Church on FM 1093 in Richmond, Texas. You can find the map and details at http://ifrichmondkaty.com/event-details/

13. Is IF: Richmond/Katy a Parkway Fellowship Event?
IF: Richmond/Katy is not a Parkway Fellowship event. Parkway Fellowship generously allows us to use their building so that we can bring IF: Gathering to our local community and area churches.

14. Are there scholarships available?
There are some scholarships available. Please contact us at if.richmond.katy@gmail.com to request a scholarship opportunity.

15. Where can I find the schedule and details for the IF: Richmond/Katy Gathering?
All the details are on our website at www.ifrichmondkaty.com

16. Can I get a refund if I paid but cannot make it after all?
Unfortunately, we can not refund your ticket. However, you can gift it to another or we can gift it for you. Since it is a livestreamed event, we will gladly send you our link to the streaming so that you can still take part of the gathering at your convenience throughout the weekend. The gathering will be available Starting at 2:00 on Friday, February 5th with archived sessions available. You can watch the gathering on any device online throughout the weekend. All archived sessions will be available until 11:59 PM on Monday, February 8th We would encourage you to watch the sessions this way. It works just like a youtube video and this way you can still take part in the gathering and fast forward or rewind as well! We ask that you please let us know that you cannot make the gathering and we will be sure to send you the link once it is provided to us. Contact Amanda Bryan at if.richmond.katy@gmail.com

17. Is there childcare available?
No. Unfortunately, we do not have the space or volunteers available for childcare.

18. I am a nursing mother to an infant, can I still participate?
Of course! In fact we will have special tables set aside for you with special goodies for you and your baby along with excersaucers and bouncers to accommodate your baby. We also will provide a space for you to nurse if needed.

19. What if I don’t know anyone at the Gathering, will it be awkward?
Not at all! We hope to provide a place of authenticity, encouragement and love, where you will be able to build new relationships.

20. I have a gluten sensitivity. Can I have a special meal?
We will have gluten free dessert at this time and gluten free option for lunch. Dinner on Friday will consist of Salad, potatoes and green veggies plus Marsala Chicken. We are not sure if the Chicken is gluten free and we are working with our partners to see if it is possible to have gluten free option. We will let you know as soon as possible. If you need a gluten free meal, please go to our Facebook Page and answer the poll available. Thank you.

21. Will there be snacks and drinks available?
A variety of snacks will be available; As well as coffee provided by First Cup, and also lemonade and water. You can also find Coke machines in the building.

22. Where can I go to buy IF: Merchandise?
You can find great IF: Merchandise at the IF: Shoppe – http://shoppe.ifgathering.com/

23. Who sponsors IF: Richmond/Katy?
We are so thankful for the amount of support we have from our community and local business. You can find our list of sponsors and partners at www.ifrichmondkaty.com/partners

24. I would love to contribute and/or sponsor IF: Richmond/Katy, how can I support this event?
Thank you so much. You can donate to IF: Richmond/Katy at http://ifrichmondkaty.com/partners/
or contact Lindsey Lancaster for more information at www.if.richmond.katy@gmail.com
25. I have a question or concern not on this list, who can I contact?
Please contact Amanda Bryan at if.richmond.katy@gmail.com