25 FAQ’s about IF: Gathering and IF: Richmond/Katy

We know many of you have questions and we hope that we have covered most of them on this post. If you have any other questions please contact us! 1. What is IF: Gathering? That is a full question! In a nutshell, IF: Gathering is a global gathering “that seeks to gather, equip and unleash… Read more »

A Call to Change the World Where You are At

  I’ve been a Christ follower for as long as I can remember. I spent 28 years trying to figure out what my calling was. So, why am I not opening an orphanage in South America, or spending my days feeding hungry children in the streets, or standing on a big stage preaching to thousands… Read more »

A Call to Pray – IF: Pray 2015

What if women on one night gathered together to pray? What if they gathered all over the globe and cried out to God in prayer? What if on this one night, women kneeled down and with hands raised in surrender, set aside every fear, every concern, every to do list, every doubt, unified in faith,… Read more »