By Lacan, Jacques, Miller, Jacques-Alain

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Its development isn’t gradual, there are always surges and phases. It seems to me, but I’m not absolutely sure of this, that it was I who introduced the notion of fertile moment. This fertile moment is always visible at the beginning of a paranoia. There is always a break in what Kraepelin goes on to call the progressive evolution of a delusion dependent on internal causes. It’s obvious that the evolution of a paranoia can’t be limited to internal causes. 7 I read – … progressive evolution of a stable delusional system that is impossible to disturb … Nothing could be more false – the delusional system varies, whether it has been disturbed or not.

This absolutely fundamental truth is present in the most popular of fables that show what was loss and disadvantage at one instant becoming happiness bestowed by the gods a moment later. The ever-present possibility of bringing desire, attachment, or even the most enduring meaning of human activity back into question, the constant possibility of a sign’s being reversed as a function of the dialectical totality of the individual’s position, is such a common experience that it’s stupefying to see this dimension forgotten as soon as one’s fellow whom one wants to objectify is concerned.

Which establishes itself with total preservation of clarity and order in thought, will, and action. Sure. But it’s a question of knowing what clarity and order are. While something meriting these names can be discovered in the account the subject gives of his delusion, it still needs to be stated what this means, and this will by its very nature call into question the notions concerned. As for thought, will, and action, we are here to attempt to define them in terms of a number of specific forms of behavior, one of which is madness, rather than treat them as acquired notions at the outset.

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