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Penzl (1957: 207) points to the Old High German rendering of Old Slovenian s, ζ by O H G and of Old Slovenian s, ζ by OHG as indicative of a sibilant pronunciation for OHG ζ but a shibilant pronunciation for O H G s. Interestingly, a change in spelling took place from Middle English deleite, a loan from Old French, to later delight. The pronunciation remained [ai] and the newer spelling serves as evidence for the loss of the velar spirant in such words as light and eight (Bloomfield 1933: 294).

Phonological change in the source language is revealed by the German borrowing of Lat. cellarium as Ger. Keller 'cellar' but Lat. cella as Ger. Zelle 'cell', showing the Latin change of stop to affricate about the fifth to the seventh centuries. Consequences of morphological borrowing are also twofold. Lehmann writes (1973 b: 218) "borrowings generally take on the patterns of native elements". He cites the borrowing of the Old Norse reflexive bäda sik 'bathe oneself into Old English as bask, wherein the reflexive pronoun is not perceived by the English speaker.

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