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The booklet first carefully develops the speculation of reproducing kernel Hilbert areas. The authors then talk about the decide challenge of discovering the functionality of smallest $H^\infty$ norm that has special values at a finite variety of issues within the disk. Their standpoint is to think about $H^\infty$ because the multiplier algebra of the Hardy house and to exploit Hilbert area thoughts to resolve the matter. This technique generalizes to a large choice of areas. The authors then ponder the interpolation challenge within the house of bounded analytic services at the bidisk and provides a whole description of the answer. They then think of very common interpolation difficulties. The ebook contains advancements of all of the thought that's wanted, together with operator version concept, the Arveson extension theorem, and the hereditary practical calculus

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4) ~' Ikl I F ~J ,( ~ is chosen thatx JQ{U(x+(X)l_~ ~,)-u e"~KxdXl~'+{ _;~ e such ) -35- where C i s a p o s i t i T e c o n s t a n t . -i- C z ,,~ IKI~ {, where CI t jkl and C~ a r e p o s i t i v e hounded f u n c t i o n s . c o n s t a n t s and Then, by u s i n g ( 3 . 4) follows. From ( 5 . ,~)-u(~) lit, ,. Then, from ( 5 . 11 r ) :~0r el' e. -, I follows ~hat: ikl 7. -4 e.. ~ ~ ) . ~ , ~ =" ( t ) O ) . . ~ We have so f a r p r o v e n t h a t i f and c o n s e q u e n t l y proved t h a t circular ~ for any ~ H • neighborhood t§ A ~ is a solution classical (['~).

A p r o p e r l y r e g u l a r domain s a t i s f i e s t h e cone h y p o t h e s i s . II. ). e. I ~-I d e p e n d i n g o n l y on It is /~ z c o f an y s p a c e H satis- H , ~ (/~) ) w i t h (A)c il ~ Ii ~ . 4) i n order to have t h e proof of t h e e n t i r e lemma. Let satisfying X ~ be any p o i n t of A . We d e n o t e by @(x) the following conditions. _ x C,~-4 )! The l a s t ~ o -- ,~,) integral is finite . C~o(U, g,) since ~ ~ ~ . ~,,~sF Thus, dx \ Jc o(i" a) ( 4 . 4 ) h a s been p r o v e d .

V. BY]? f o r parziali al C r e m o n e s e , Roma 1 9 5 5 . en t h e o r i e problSmes, aux limites, On g e n e r a l dei problemi 1. LIONS - P r o b l ~ m e s atLx l i m i t e s Annals [53 7 le e~uazioni Acta ~athem. v. [4] Lecture Convegno Internazionale Parziali, [2] of zero. 64, elliptic du t~pe d~riv~e oblique 1956. differential Trudy ~oscov liar. 0bsc. equations 1952. , -~-4 and by of X ~ Let ~ by (~ ~-t ), if (~) ( is ~y i) . We s h a l l by of fixed positive ~ s ~ ~ following conditions The c l o s u r e 9 X ~ d e f i n e d by: of 0 ~ t ~ )T ~ and o n l y i f : Z~ the coordinate X~ The p o i n t ( ~ t J - - , Y ~ - ~ ) and t h e p o i n t X t), (as u s u a l we c o n s i d e r complex ~ - v e c t o r g ~ ~K s p a c e w i l l be d e n o t e d by ~ be t h e open i n t e r v a l (K, : 4 , - .

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