В этой публикации представлена музейная коллекция образцов греческого искусства от доисторического периода до конца классической эпохи.
Кроме большого числа иллюстраций памятников греческого искусства в книгу включена краткая история Афин с 6-го по 4-м веке до н.э., комментарии в адрес художников, различный биографические данные и много другой дополнительной информации.
Хотя книга и написана на английском языке, благодаря большому количеству иллюстраций многое понятно и без слов.

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Attic, black-figure, ca. . Attributed to Exekias. ) Some vase painters and potters are known from their signatures; others remain anonymous, so that modern scholars have given them names of convenience. Among the great painters of Attic black-figure vases are Sophilos, Kleitias, Nearchos, Lydos, Exekias (fig. . The next generation of red-figure painters included many accomplished artists. Among the best were Euthymides, Phintias, and Euphronios (slide ), each with his own distinctive style.

Painters enlivened sculptural and architectural details with paint, and metalworkers were hired to make any bronze decorative details on the surface of a sculpted frieze. . . . All but a few ancient bronze statues have been lost or melted down to reuse the valuable metal, so that such copies provide our primary visual evidence of masterpieces by famous Greek sculptors. , in the early Minoan period in Crete, the use of bronze, an alloy usually in proportions of one part tin to nine of copper, became widespread.

45 Hollow Lost-Wax Casting: The Indirect Method Drawing © Seán Hemingway KEY clay wax bronze iron 1. Original clay model. 3. Hot wax is poured into the master molds, agitated and brushed over the inner surface. 46 4. Excess wax is poured out, leaving a thin coating except, in this case, for solid figures. Artists and Materials Issued 10/00 © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2. Master molds taken from clay model. funnel vent gate 5. Finished wax working model with fingernails marked, clay core poured inside, and metal chaplets stuck through wax into core.

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