Книга Gladiatoria - l. a. Scherma Dei Cavalieri Gladiatoria - los angeles Scherma Dei CavalieriКниги Боевое искусство Автор: неизвестен Год издания: 1450 Формат: pdf Страниц: 60 Размер: 7,1 MB Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Средневековое руководство по боевому рыцарскому искусству

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T Equal adversary: A moderate, penetrating blow causes pain. A forceful blow causes considerable pain and could numb the leg. t Against a smaller person: Moderate pressure is painful; a moderate blow could be very painful and a forceful blow is likely to numb the leg. + Against a larger assailant: A moderate hand blow woul have little effect. A forceful hand blow or a kick can cause considerable pain. To deliver a penetrating blow, the extended-knuckle hand blow or an elbow blow would be practical.

If you extend your arm you can see the top of the mound, which is the target area. Using a hand blow onto the forearm mound, it is not necessary to hit with precision. A blow aimed at the mound will refer force into the sensitive area. If you press your thumb into your own arm at this point you will discover how little pressure is needed to effect pain. t Equal adversary: A moderate blow causes pain. A forceful blow causes considerable pain and can numb the arm. + Against a smaller person: A moderate blow causes considerable pain and possible numbness.

The angle of the kick will affect the result. A kick int( the side of the knee is likely to unbalance or put an assailant onto the ground. A kick into the front of th< knee is less likely to unbalance, but more likely to inju ligaments and/or dislocate the kneecap (patella). A kick made straight in at the knee, as shown in 48 more likely to cause injury. Delivered at an angle ir the side of the knee, 49, the kick is more likely to unbalance. 70 BRUCE TEGNER + Equal adversary: A moderate kick at a 45-degree angle (approximately) into the side of the knee is likely to cause loss of balance and pain.

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