By W. E. Fairbairn, Hary

The daddy of contemporary hand-to-hand strive against, Capt. W. E. Fairbairn, taught the famed British Commandos from this vintage, long-out-of-print handbook on unarmed strive against. recognized for his "get difficult" angle, Fairbairn designed those useful equipment after years of educating troops and staring at ruffians, thugs, bandits and bullies. you can now benefit from his event.

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E. FAIRBAIRN NO. 27 - BREAKAWAYS FROM "COME-ALONG" GRIPS A number of so called "come-along" grips are frequently demonstrated and taught as being 100 per cent perfect, and impossible, once secured, for any man to escape. Under certain circum-stances it would, indeed, be difficult and painful to escape them; also it might result in a badly strained ligament. Nevertheless, any man of average build and strength can, with at least a 50 per cent chance of success, not only break away from these holds, but he will also be in a position from which he can with ease break his opponent's limbs and, if necessary, kill him.

Only resist sufficiently to prevent him from being suspicious. 2. Do not be in a hurry to apply your counter. The opening will be there every time he puts the weight of his body on his left foot. 3. Smartly jab the outside of your right leg against the outside of his left leg, forcing his leg inwards, and break it (Fig. 110), simultaneously pulling your right arm towards you, which, in addition to increasing the force of your leg blow, also permits you to bend your arm and break his hold. If necessary, apply the edge-of-the-hand blow on the back of his neck with your left hand, and kill him.

Should your opponent not release his hold of the pistol, follow up by pressing with your right leg on the outside of his right leg, as in Fig. 137, and break his leg. shtml 3/25/2003 GET TOUGH Page 4 of 5 NO. ) E - Disarming a Third Party It is quire possible that, upon coming around a corner, you find one of your own men being held up, as in Fig. 138. 1. Come up on your opponent's pistol arm, seize his pistol and hand from underneath, simultaneously coming down hard with your left hand on his arm, just above the elbow pint (Fig.

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