By Beverly Voth

This booklet is designed to coach the FileMaker seasoned developer approximately XML and XSL.

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UTF-16 allows for more characters, such as would be used to compose ideographical alphabets. Graphical alphabets could be symbols, icons, or Asian characters. You may specify other UTF or encoding types. See “Unicode vs. 42 of this chapter, for further explanation and examples of encoding types. Three common encoding types are listed below. encoding="UTF-8" encoding="UTF-16" encoding="ISO-8859-1" FileMaker Pro and UTF-8 According to the FileMaker Pro Developer’s Guide, p. 7-8, “About UTF-8 encoded data”: All XML data generated by the Web Companion is encoded in UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation 8 Bit) format.

1: Specify XML export options Choose the FMPDSORESULT grammar, but do not select the Use XSL stylesheet check box. XSL stylesheets will be discussed in Chapter 7, with instructions for exporting and selecting the stylesheet option. 2. Again, you are given a dialog for XML export. 2: Select fields to export In the Specify Field Order for Export dialog, you have several options. Click a field and the Move button to select a field for export. You may, optionally, double-click a field on the left to move it to the right Field Order box.

Other characters not in the ASCII and Unicode tables might also be a problem for all systems to process. Even within those first 128 characters, you will have control characters that may not be visible. If you follow the recommendation of only using alphanumeric characters for naming entities, you will be assured of compatibility with most systems and applications. The common letters and numbers have ASCII and Unicode equivalents. 3. 3 Alphanumeric, ASCII, and Unicode equivalents Characters 0-9 A-Z a-z ASCII 48-57 65-90 97-122 UTC Unicode #x0030-#X0039 #x0041-#x005A #x0061-#x007A FileMaker Pro Help makes recommendations for naming fields.

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