By Friedrich Dausinger, Friedemann Lichtner, Holger Lubatschowski

Femtosecond know-how, with its ultrashort mild pulses, varieties an leading edge laser expertise that may be used for varied technical functions. This monograph provides a entire assessment of the foundations and purposes of femtosecond lasers, particularly as utilized to drugs and to creation know-how. the foundations and lines of such femtosecond know-how are defined, and the lasers, structures and applied sciences which are required in those capability fields of program are investigated. the benefits and difficulties of ultrashort laser pulses are mentioned in additional element within the context of purposes within the micro-machining of technical fabrics akin to drilling, floor structuring and slicing; in scientific use comparable to dental, ophthalmologic, neurological and otolaryngological purposes; in metrology; and within the new release of x-rays. protection facets also are considered.

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14. Pulse energy of the second-harmonic green radiation at 532 nm versus the input fundamental pulse energy monic at 532 nm is separated from the remaining fundamental power using a dichroic mirror. Similarly, the fourth harmonic in the UV was generated by frequency doubling the second-harmonic radiation in a BBO crystal with a length of 3 mm. This crystal was also AR coated and critically phase matched at room temperature (θ = 47◦ ). The fourth harmonic at 266 nm was then separated from the remaining green radiation with another beamsplitter.

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