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Even this present day, within the age of texting shortcuts and spell-check dependence, sturdy spelling abilities are essential-on vital exams, at paintings, or in lifestyles. show evaluate publications: Spelling places you at the clever and quickly route to spelling like a professional, with 1000's of actions, brainstorming rules, notes, trivialities, key definitions, and counsel for heading off spelling pitfalls. even if you are looking for a fast overview or in-depth perform, show assessment courses: Spelling offers insights into: shrewdpermanent options towards changing into a celebrity speller Homonyms and different mostly burdened phrases the fundamental construction blocks of words-roots, prefixes, and suffixes The lengthy and the fast of the five (sometimes 6) major vowels and the way they healthy into phrases Consonants and their many mixtures the foundations for turning singular nouns into plural nouns Verb-subject contract, a.k.a. conjugation in addition to the 201 most ordinarily misspelled phrases and critical new phrases extra to the e-book additionally contains: gas for proposal: severe info and definitions perform Lap: quickly perform routines and actions to allow you to attempt your wisdom inside of song: counsel for lowering your learn and perform time - with out sacrificing accuracy Caution!: Spelling pitfalls to be looking for speed your self: additional actions for additional perform what is extra, exhibit assessment publications: Spelling bargains precious diagnostic trying out, with a pretest that measures starting degrees of information and a post-test that exhibits parts that experience stronger and components that can nonetheless want paintings.

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Pronunciation guides also typically show which syllable should be stressed. In this book, the accent is designated with an apostrophe. In the word broken, for instance, the first syllable is stressed. So the pronunciation would be written (brōk’ən). The following chart lists the pronunciation symbols used in this book. You can also find this chart in Appendix C for quick reference. indd 18 2/12/09 4:01:25 PM Rule the Rules—Smart Strategies for Star Spellers ī j k l m i as in ice j as in job k as in kid, c as in cookie l as in lie, le as in beetle m as in man yû v w z zh 19 u as in cure, cute v as in visit w as in why z as in zombie si as in vision, ge as in garage PRACTICE LAP Using the pronunciation guide as reference, spell the following words.

This one isn’t too tricky . . remember that ô is the o sound in words like torn and corn. communicate. This one looks quite different from the actual spelling of the word, but it’s not too hard to figure out if you read closely. Remember that c will always be represented by a k or an s in pronunciation guides. abandon. Again, the ə symbol is the key to understanding this word. obvious. The most difficult thing about this word is remembering that ē represents a long e sound. Long vowels are always marked by a horizontal line, which is known as a macron.

The verb form of the noun breath is spelled with an e; therefore, breathe is the correct choice. Who. Whom is used as a substitution for him, her, or them, while who is used as a substitution for he, she, or they. To find the correct answer, turn the question into a statement. ” Therefore, the correct choice is who. than; then. Than is used when comparing two things. The first part of the sentence compares singing with dancing; therefore, than is the best choice. The second part of the sentence is a little trickier.

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