By Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Heene (auth.)

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The deepest regions of this muscle, adjacent to the soleus muscle, are composed of fairly equal parts of type-2 (Am and Cm) and of type-l/Bm fibres; ATPase type-2A fibres outnumber 2B-fibres here. The bulk of the fibres of the soleus are type-l/8m, followed by a small amount of 2A/C m and a negligible proportion of 2B/Am fibres. Lowest activities of NADH-TR can be observed in the true white 2B/Am fibre of the gastrocnemius muscle. The tibialis anterior, like the superficial parts of the gastrocnemius, is composed for up to two thirds of its thickness of 2B/Am and sparse 2A/C m fibres.

Mitochondrial proliferation may be an adaptive response to the increased demands of oxidative metabolism. The sparing of red muscle fibres by the myopathic process can be interpreted as due to their higher oxidative capacities compared to white muscle fibres. e. swelling and necrosis of the muscle fibre. Biochemically, a decrease in the activity of muscle phosphorylase was demonstrated in the early stages of different myopathies such as progressive muscular dystrophy of man (74, 75, 249, 261), myopathy of vitamin-E deficiency (190, 220), muscular dystrophy of the chicken (64) and hereditary dystrophy of the mouse (189,.

3 muscle occurred in the deeper layers of the calf muscle. These are composed of typical 2A/e m fibres and of morphologically slightly different 2A/e m fibres of the soleus type (Figs. 1, 2, and 5). In treated animals, some of these fibres displayed increased phosphorylase activity as shown by an intensified brownish reaction with iodine (Fig. 5). Increased amounts of primary glycogen could be demonstrated in these cells as opposed to neighbouring 2B/Am fibres; a considerable proportion of the latter stained positive for phosphorylase, but negative for primary glycogen.

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