By Franklin Roy Bennett

Does evolution tell the traditional debate concerning the roles that cause and intuition play in how we choose what to do? Evolution and Ethics deals an insightful research of 4 epistemological varieties of sociobiology which look within the extant literature, and encompasses a initial research of Darwinism itself.

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The fact that the theory of evolution contains this tautology does not show that the whole theory is a tautology” (p. 70). Sober’s (1993) example, simply translated as “Fit organisms are reproductive,” seems analytic; like ‘unmarried’ and ‘bachelor,’ ‘fit’ and ‘reproductive’ seem synonymous enough. But what about the overall theory that “evolution is caused by natural selection”? Is that a tautology? Does the term ‘evolution’ essentially include ‘natural selection,’ as ‘bachelor’ includes ‘unmarried’?

Do the sparkles in children’s eyes seem to anyone the same as the sparkles of precious gems? Determinist scoffing and cynicism regarding mysticism and creationism, ignorance and superstition, cannot in the slightest way refute the epistemological and scientific significance of objective human experience. If life creates its own probabilities, then biomechanicism may even amount to a wellintentioned misunderstanding of empiricism in general. Sober (1993) writes, “Natural selection involves unequal probabilities, and for this reason, it is not a random process” (p.

Arrests of development. . Reversion. . Correlated variation. . All of these so-called laws apply equally to man and the lower animals, and most of them even to plants. (p. 416) Darwin was not aware of Mendel (the father of genetics) and worked a century before the discovery of DNA. Volpe and Rosenbaum (2000) offer the current mainstream views: “The causes of naturally occurring, or spontaneous, mutations are largely unknown” (p. 38); “We may say that 42 ● Evolution and Ethics spontaneous variations are random and unpredictable” (p.

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