By Julian Baggini

Are you continue to the individual that lived 15, 10 or 5 years in the past? 15, 10 or 5 mins in the past? are you able to plan in your retirement if the you of 30 years for that reason is in a few feel a special individual? What and who's the true you? Does it stay consistent over the years and position, or is it anything even more fragmented and fluid? Is it identified to you, or are you as a lot a secret to your self as others are to you?With his traditional wit,infectious interest and bracing scepticism, Julian Baggini units out to respond to those primary and unsettling questions.His attention-grabbing quest attracts at the historical past of philosophy, but in addition anthropology, sociology, psychology and neurology;he talks to theologians, monks, allegedly reincarnated Lamas , and delves into real-life instances of misplaced reminiscence, character issues and private transformation; and, candidly and engagingly, he describes his personal experiences.After studying The Ego Trick, you'll by no means see your self within the comparable manner back.

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