By Elliotte Rusty Harold

Written for builders conversant in the fundamentals of XML, this consultant bargains 27 assistance for utilizing right XML syntax and buildings to enhance the maintainability and extensibility of XML records, then provides ten innovations and APIs for processing XML with languages akin to C++, C#, Java, Python and Perl, and thirteen options for operating with platforms outfitted round XML files.

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It handles savings, checking, CD, and money market accounts. However, it is not used for credit cards or loans. This is often followed by useful information about the DTD that is not part of the DTD grammar itself. For example, the following comment describes the namespace URI, the root element, the public ID, and the customary system ID for this DTD. com/statement namespace. Documents adhering to this DTD should have the root element Statement. dtd" The system ID may be pointed at a local copy of the DTD instead.

Here there are four: a. The address module b. The branch module c. The transaction module d. The legal module Conditional sections can control which modules are or are not included. This makes the DTD a little harder to read, which is why I didn't show it this way in the first place; but they're essential for customizability. Example 8-3 demonstrates. mod;]]> Not all pieces can be turned on or off. Generally, the framework and the qualified names modules are required and thus are not wrapped in conditional sections.

For instance, it might trim off or compress excess white space. The value preserve means that white space is significant, even if it normally isn't, and the application should not adjust the white space in any way. For example, the xml:space attribute of the text element below indicates that white space is significant and should be preserved. I try to make XML lean 52 Part 1: Syntax Part 1: Syntax 53 Without extra white space between But when I forgo All the spaces I know My markup is not at all clean.

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