By Gōzō Shioda

Aikido-a martial paintings deriving its effectiveness, like judo and karate, from the stream of ki

-- recommendations that, while completely mastered, allow the mild to beat the strong

-- workout and activity for women and men of every age, in line with average hobbies and concord of brain and body

Ancient conception, sleek perform: Dynamic Aikido brings jointly the total spectrum of theoretical and utilized aikido. via it, possible turn into completely attuned to one's opponent, can experience his intentions and switch his pursuits to one's personal virtue. complete and entirely illustrated, Dynamic Aikido provides the fundamental postures and stances, basic ideas and purposes: the way to focus on a frontal assault, tips to stay away from an assault from the rear, easy methods to experience and thwart the pickpocket. an important significant other for each newbie, an essential reference for college kids of all degrees.

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Mental skills • Learn to avoid the mark of a victim. • Learn to improve & trust your intuition. Contact us today at (303) 233-8279 to schedule a session for your organization. Be Your Own Bodyguard Peaceful Paths Personal Safety Training Page 35 • Read our sections on elevator & stairwell safety. • Avoid public transportation at night. If you must use it, stay close to the driver and have someone meet you at your stop. • Don’t open the front door if you’re alone. • Never admit strangers into your home–no matter what the pretense.

This is an easy trap to fall into, and it interferes greatly with the rescue. Stay empathetic to his needs, but not sympathetic to his actions. • Most hostage situations turn out well. Never lose hope. Be Your Own Bodyguard Peaceful Paths Personal Safety Training Page 37 About Peaceful Paths Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Peaceful Paths is the result of years of combined study, research, and real-life application of hostile conflict management techniques. Clients benefit from experience ranging from the classroom to the street.

Too much eye contact can be taken as a challenge. • Keep a calm facade, even if you are panicked on the inside. Speak slowly and calmly, and keep track of your facial expression and body language. If you appear calm, the hostage taker has less reason to panic. • If your hostage taker wants to talk to you, be kind and empathetic to his cause, even if you disagree. • In extended situations, beware of the “Stockholm syndrome” in which hostages become sympathetic and attached to their captors. This is an easy trap to fall into, and it interferes greatly with the rescue.

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