By Dave Poon

This publication is a beginner's advisor, which has a finished and step by step method of construction Drupal web pages with fields. The e-book has examples, quizzes, and demanding situations for self-assessment and many screenshots for simpler and speedier knowing. This ebook is designed basically for those that recognize a few fundamentals of Drupal and need to familiarize themselves with CCK/Field. notwithstanding, technical clients also will locate the ebook worthy, as we'll discover a large choice of suggestions which are used to construct web content with fields.

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We have just added content using the Article content type. We entered the Title, the Body text, and we also attached an image to it. Pop quiz – understanding of the default content types 1. Which of the following types are the default content types in Drupal 7? a. Page and Image content type b. Basic page and Page content type c. Article and Basic page content type d. Article and Page content type 2. To which default content type can we attach images? a. Image content type b. Article content type c.

However, if you have noticed the custom content types we created have the exact same structure. They both contain the Title and the Body field and, as such, those fields cannot do very much other than allowing users to enter the title and the body details. The following image shows the Cooking Tip content type fields: The following image shows the Recipe content type fields: [ 34 ] Chapter 2 They cannot be used to set the difficulty level of recipes or for displaying images. We need more fields to satisfy these requirements, so we will add more custom fields using the Field module in this chapter.

Summary In this chapter, we have dealt with the following key topics: ‹‹ A preview of the complete project in this book. We have an overview of the structure of the final project, and we have an idea of what will be achieved when we reach the end of this book. ‹‹ What a node and a content type is, and the meaning and the relationship between those terms in Drupal. ‹‹ Understanding what default content types are in Drupal 7 core and what are the fields created in those content types by default. ‹‹ How to add content using the default content types.

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