By Chris Youngs

The easiest of a year’s worthy of Dragon® journal content material in a single convenient tome

This ebook collects the simplest Dragon journal content material from the previous yr into one easy-to-reference resource. The articles contained herein offer interesting personality innovations for avid gamers in addition to thought and campaign-building help for Dungeon Masters. All of this fabric is a hundred% professional and appropriate for any D&D® game.

In addition to the compiled articles, the e-book includes never-before-seen notes from the designers, builders, and editors that take you behind the scenes, delivering a firsthand glimpse into the foundation and evolution of every article.

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"It is ever so with the issues that males start: there's a frost in Spring or a blight in summer time, they usually fail in their promise" (LotR III, p. 182).

Elendil and his heirs prepared kingdoms once they got here to Middle-earth from Numenor; Gondor within the South, and Arnor within the North. either have been reasonable and filthy rich kingdoms at first of the 3rd Age. at present the background of the 2 kingdoms parted; the superstar of Gondor rose, yet that of Arnor fell into darkness. forces introduced the destruction of the North nation. the 1st used to be the waning of the Dunedain who dwelt in Arnor. the second one, and much higher was once the shadow that got here from the land of Angmar. the boys of Arnor withstood the evil energy of the Witch King for 6 lengthy centuries, a tribute to the energy and tool of the Dunedain of the North.

Arnor had suffered relatively little within the conflict opposed to Sauron on the end of the second one Age, and the dominion must have prospered. even if the numbers of the Dunedain have been lowered, they have been nonetheless nice. The weather of Arnor used to be gentle and the land was once fertile and freed from enemies. For a couple of hundred years concerns went good, however the air of Eriador appeared unwholesome for the descendants of Numenor. Arnor fell into decline lengthy sooner than the land held any whisper of the shadow of Angmar. For purposes unknown the Dunedain deserted their capital of Annuminas upon the seashores of Lake Nennuial, and withdrew to the lesser fort urban of Fornost.

The state of Arnor used to be doomed to "a frost in Spring, and a blight in summer time. " The heirs of the dominion may possibly not agree at the succession to the throne of Arnor within the 9th century of the 3rd Age. In T. A. 861 the energy of the northern realm was once divided into 3 kingdoms: Cardolan, Rhudaur, and Arthedain. The quarreling endured; Rhudaur and Cardolan contested the ownership of the tower of Amon Sul and its Palantir. The watch on evil slept within the north; males grew to become inwards and anxious themselves with their very own affairs. The rumours of evil multiplying within the mountains didn't curiosity them; for Arthedain and Cardolan not less than, the mountains have been a ways off. None gave their awareness to the unpromising valley in a northern fork of the Misty Mountains.

The Witch King arose in Angmar throughout the realm of Malvegil of Arthedain, it slow among T. A. 1272-1349. males grew to become conscious of the growing to be evil within the mountains, yet Angmar used to be nonetheless getting ready its strength. No attacks at the Dunedain got here until eventually Argeleb, the son of Malvegil, assumed the throne.

The subsequent sixty years have been darkish ones for the Dunedain of the North. The Dunedain of Rhudaur have been pushed out by way of evil hillmen in league with Angmar and Argeleb used to be slain in conflict. jointly Arthedain and Cardolan held the elements Hills opposed to Angmar. In 1409 T. A. the Witch King of Angmar published his deadliest attack. Amon Sul was once raised and burned and the Dunedain have been pressured to escape westward. Cardolan used to be laid to waste. support got here to the Dunedain from the Elves of the gray Havens, Rivendell, and Lorien. The armies of Angmar have been repelled from Fornost and the North Downs, and compelled to withdraw to Angmar. The shadow of the North was once contained for a time.


The land of Angmar is without doubt one of the grimmest areas in all of Middle-earth. it isn't black and twisted like Mordor, yet heartbreakingly chilly and barren. It lies in a northern fork within the Western Misty Mountains, and within the japanese Misty Mountains. Little job is situated upon the barren simple among the fork within the mountains; the border defend of fellows is decided within the rolling hills upon the sting of the low plateau. those males watch the lengthy border highway that runs from Carn Dûm to the southern tip of Angmar. The orcs favor the protection of the tunnels within the mountains. within the East the Witch King has no border protect; the mountains bar access into Angmar from that path, other than to those that be aware of the orcish tunnels.

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Watcher's Signet (minor; encounter) Amon Bassiri gains a +5 bonus to Stealth checks until the end of his next turn. ]) + Illusion Amon Bassiri gains total concealment from the attacking creature until the end of the creature's next turn. Amon can use this power even in the radius of a revelation sphere and this power does not end when Amon enters the radius of a revelation sphere. Combat Advantage Amon Bassiri deals 3d6 extra damage against any target granting combat advantage to him . Alignment Unaligned Languages Common, Elven Skills Arcana +13, Bluff +15, History +13, Stealth +20, Thievery +20 Str20(+13) Dex 24 (+15) Wis21 (+13) Int16(+11) Cha14(+10) Con 15(+10) Equipment leather armor, dagger, Watcher's Signet + + <- NOTABLE INHABITANTS The following notable inhabitants of Mithrendain are suitable for use in any D&D campaign.

In fact, many tall , broad trees are larger than several of the city's eladrin-built towers, giving the impression that the towers are merely natural growths within the forest. Unlike the Citadel at its heart, the city of Mithrendain has no walls. meaning that entering the city is a matter of walking wherever a gap can be found between the buildings and great trees. Hundreds of streets flow outward from the city center, allowing visitors to enter wherever is convenient upon arrival; similarly. leaving the city is a matter of finding the shortest route to the edge of the buildings.

If the target has no healing surges, the attack does extra damage equal to half the target's bloodied total. On a hit, the ashgaunt rega ins 5 hit points. 1" Wake the Dead (minor action; recharge ~[jJ). Necrotic Ranged 20; targets up to 4 destroyed undead creatures reduced to 0 hit points within range; the targets become zombie rotters (see Monster Manual 274), which fight on the behest of the ashguant until the end of the encounter or for 5 minutes, whichever comes first. The zombie rotters rise as a free action, and act after the ashgaunt in the initiative order.

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