By J. C. Masterman

The extraordinary actual tale of ways British intelligence penetrated and virtually operated Nazi Germany's secret agent community in the British Isles.

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5 and by the W. Board. Where speculative theories and views are advanced, “we” is only the cover name for myself. J. C. M. A. C. S. F. British Union of Fascists C. B. I. S. I. I. Director of Naval Intelligence D. of I. P. Q. E. C. A. I. I. D. W. E. E. Special Operations Executive W. Branch Wireless Branch 1: The Theory and Practice of Double Cross THE USE OF DOUBLE AGENTS IN TIME OF WAR IS A TIME-HONOURED method both of deception and of counterespionage. They have been used frequently and extensively in most wars and in many places; they will quite certainly be used again.

Nor is the establishing of an agent the end of the matter. Take the simple case of a parachutist who is willing to desert his German masters and work for us. Such a man may well need the whole time service of a case officer to control and organise him, a wireless operator to monitor and perhaps to transmit his messages, at least two guards since no one can be on duty for twenty-four hours in a day, possibly an officer with a car to collect his information, and probably a housekeeper to look after and feed the whole party.

On the other hand you can control one of the enemy’s main sources of information, and thus know what his information is, and, to go a step further, you can select his information for him, you can pervert his information, you can misinform him, and, eventually, actively deceive him as to your intentions. Let us for a moment imagine that we stand in the middle period of the war with the double agent system in full working order, and that we have to make a case to show the advantage of the system and the benefits accruing from it.

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