By Vladimir Geroimenko PhD, DSc (auth.)

The rising Second-Generation internet is predicated solely on XML and comparable applied sciences. it really is meant to lead to the production of the Semantic internet, on which pcs can be capable of take care of the which means ("semantics") of internet facts and accordingly to procedure them in a greater and autono­ mous approach. This new edition of the net introduces a large number of novel techniques, phrases, and acronyms. goal, Scope and techniques This dictionary is an attempt to specify the terminological foundation of rising XML and Semantic net applied sciences. the final word target of this dictionary is even broader than simply to outline the that means of newwords - itaims to increase aproper understandingofthese modern applied sciences. to accomplish this, understandable definitions of technical phrases are supported via a variety of diagrams and code snippets, in actual fact annotated and defined. the most components coated during this dictionary are: (1) XML syntax and center applied sciences, akin to Namespaces, Infoset and XML Schema; (2) the entire significant membersofthe XML relatives oftechnologies, reminiscent of XSLT, XPath and XLink; (3) various XML-based domain-specific languages, resembling NewsML (News Markup Language); (4) the idea that and structure of the Semantic internet; (5) key Semantic internet technologies,such as RDF (Resource Description Framework), RDF Schema and OWL (Web Ontology Language); and (6) internet companies, together with WSDL (Web companies Description Lan­ guage) and cleaning soap (Simple item entry Protocol).

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Framework) An XML-based framework that sets out the UK e-government's technical standards for achieving interoperability and information systems coherence across the public sector. Details of e-GIF are available at http:// Electronic Data Interchange See ED!. uk/schemasstandards/ Electronic government See E-GOVERNMENT. Electronic Form System See EFS. asp. Element The main building block of an XML e-Government A term that refers to the delivery DOCUMENT. A typical non-empty element is com- of local government service through electronic means, especially over the Internet.

Contrast SIMPLE TYPE. Complex type definition An XMl SCHEMA COMPONENT that is a definition of an ELEMENT of a COMPLEX TYPE using a special XML schema element called "complexType". Its QUALIFIED NAME can be either "xs:complexType" or "xsd:complexType", depending whether the XS NAMESPACE PREFIX or XSD NAMESPACE PREFIX is being used. II shows the complex type definition of the "Editor" element, which specifies that the element can contain two other elements. Contrast SIMPLE TYPE DEFINITION. Complex type element See COMPLEX TYPE.

DaliML (Data Link for Intermediaries Markup Language) An XML-based protocol for the exchange of withholding and payment information. openframeset. DAML (DARPA Agent Markup Language) A lan- guage for expressing ONTOLOGIES that extends RDF. The latest version of DAML incorporates OIL and is called DAML+OIL DAML+OIL forms the basis of OWL and are expected to be superseded by it. org/. DAML-S (DAML-based Web Service Ontology) An ONTOLOGY and semantic MARKUP for describing WEB SERVICES that is based on DAML and is built on top of DAML+OIL It is intended to support tools and INTELLIGENT AGENT technology to enable automation of services on the SEMANTIC WEB.

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