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DiFiore's Atlas of Histology with sensible Correlations, 11th version, explains easy histology suggestions via full-color, schematic illustrations. those illustrations are supplemented through greater than 450 digitized full-color on-line photomicrographs of histological pictures. half One explains tissues and their dating to their structures; half addresses organs similarly. concentrating on undergraduate, allied health and wellbeing and primary and moment 12 months scientific scholars, the 11th variation contains new and greater photographs via redrawing and digitization to supply elevated aspect. This variation additionally positive factors up to date illustrations and knowledge at the features of cells, tissues, and organs of the physique in response to advances in examine and professional techniques. The atlas' student-friendly "Functional Correlations" sections aid scholars examine constitution and serve as jointly. scholars additionally make the most of a "realistic" point of view as greater than 70 micrographs look adjoining to paint illustrations.A better half web site bargains scholar and teacher types of diFiore's Interactive Atlas with all the photos from the publication.

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In the lungs, the simple squamous epithelium provides for an efficient means of gas exchange or transport across the thin-walled capillaries and alveoli. 1 Simple squamous epithelium: surface view of peritoneal mesothelium. Stain: silver nitrate with hematoxylin. High magnification. 2 Simple squamous epithelium: peritoneal mesothelium surrounding small intestine (transverse section). Stain: hematoxylin and eosin. High magnification. 3 Different Epithelial Types in the Kidney Cortex This high-power photomicrograph of the kidney illustrates the different types of epithelia that are present in the kidney cortex (peripheral region).

Also, numerous, dark-staining spotlike hemidesmosomes (6, 12) attach the highly infolded basal cell membrane to the electron-dense basal lamina (7, 13). A portion of a large nucleus (1) is visible with its dispersed chromatin (9). Surrounding the nucleus is a distinct nuclear envelope (2), which consists of a double membrane. Both the outer and inner membranes of the nuclear envelope (2) fuse at intervals around the periphery of the nucleus to form numerous nuclear pores (3). FUNCTIONAL CORRELATIONS: Infolded Basal Regions of the Cell The deep infoldings of the basal and lateral cell membranes are seen only with electron microscopy.

Ions and small molecules can easily diffuse through these connexons from one cell to another. These fluid channels are vital for very rapid communication between cells, especially in cardiac muscle cells and nerve cells, where fast impulse transmission through the cells or axons is essential for synchronization of normal functions. qxd 10/22/07 10:07 PM Page 15 Aptara Inc. 1 Apical surfaces of ciliated and nonciliated epithelium. ϫ10,600. 4 Microvilli 5 Cilia with microtubules 1 Mitochondria 2 Junctinal complex a.

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