By Johanna Mattissen

Dependent-Head Synthesis in Nivkh has been provided a prize of the Offermann-Hergarten Donation on the college of Cologne in 2004. The endowments are granted for extraordinary leading edge and comprehensibly documented research.This ebook deals an leading edge method of 3 interlaced themes: a scientific research of the morphosyntatic association of Nivkh (Paleosiberian); a cross-linguistic research of complicated noun kinds (parallel to advanced (polysynthetic) verb forms); and a typology of polysynthesis. Nivkh (Gilyak) is linguistically extraordinary due to its hugely complicated notice types, either verbs and nouns. they're shaped productively from advert hoc concatenation of lexical roots in based — head kinfolk with no extra morphological marking: basic item — predicate, characteristic - noun, noun — relational morpheme ("adposition"). After an in-depth exam of the wordhood of such complexes the morphological form of Nivkh is explored opposed to the heritage of polysynthesis, noun incorporation, verb root serialization, noun complexes and head/dependent marking. For this function, a brand new delimitation and category of polysynthesis is proposed at the foundation of an overview of seventy five languages. in addition to contributing to a reconciliation of earlier diametrically adversarial techniques to polysynthesis, this learn demanding situations a few universal preconceived notions with recognize to how languages "should be".

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O. takes off her skis" (weak nasal) e. o. o. o. o. o. o. shoots an animal" For plosive-initial verbs, alternation is the same as for plosive-initial nouns. PHONOLOGY AND MORPHOPHONEMICS 51 (42) noun + verb (Jakobson 1971:91) a. o. o. o. dries autumn salmon" b. o. o. pads his shoes with grass" In the third case, the verb + noun complex, a reduced set of alternation conditions applies due to the fact that an attributive verb forn. is assumed to have lost the weak final nasal (corresponding to the participle suffix on Sakhalin).

Is just, sincere" 28 DEPENDENT-HEAD SYNTHESIS IN NIVKH Nouns may be derived from verbs (see examples in (56)) and vice versa (see (57)) with the help of suffixes. The derivations are fully integrated into the new category (cf. Panfilov 1962:41-51, 1965:14-21), a feature characteristic of polysynthetic languages (see Drossard 1997:259-260). (56) a. verb → noun derivation (cf. Panfilov 1962:41-51) -s ~ -ř agent/patient/instrumental/abstract nouns, bearer of a property ev-s "handle" (ev- "take, hold") tχoñḑi-s "freight" (tχoñḑi- "be loaded") kulkul-s "wheel" (kulkul- "round") per-s "heavy load" (per- "heavy") vers "wideness" (ver"wide") puţi-s "broom" (vuţi- "sweep") qov-s "ladle" (ʁov"scoop") k'uv-s "hoop" (xuv- "hoop") prov-s "nail" (-zrov- "nail") moq-s "piece" (-moq- "cut in slices") b.

O. o. o. " hatx-ţ "sth. flakes off' jiv-ḍ "sth. o. o. o. o. o. o. " The effect of consonant alternation is that the clustering of two plosives or two fricatives is avoided by dissimilation of the initial sound of the head morpheme in a complex. g. t'olv-vo "summer village"); or (iii) two adjoining fricatives are the result of another secondary morphophonemic process: The morpheme-final consonants /k/ and /q/ assimilate in the manner of articulation to a following /x/ or /χ/, which are themselves the result of consonant alternation (cf.

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