By John Whitman, Darren Levine

Original yr of publication: 2007


“Darren Levine has my unqualified help and gratitude for his
contributions to Krav Maga.” —Imi Lichtenfeld, founding father of Krav Maga

The respectable self-defense procedure of the Israeli security Forces, Krav Maga offers
you an easy-to-learn but powerful self-defense process that emphasizes
instinctive pursuits, sensible thoughts and life like education scenarios.
Based at the precept that you need to stream from safety to assault as quickly
as attainable, Complete Krav Maga teaches fast-escape maneuvers mixed with strong counterattacks. even if you're titanic or small, male or lady, younger or previous, you should use Krav Maga to guard your self through exploiting an assailant’s vulnerabilities. studying Krav Maga provide you with the health, talents and self belief to believe more secure and safer each day.
All the strikes in Complete Krav Maga—from newbie Yellow Belt to complex Brown Belt—are defined extensive and illustrated with step by step photos:

Punches, kicks, knee moves and uncomplicated safeguard movements

Further self-defense strikes, counterattacks, and defenses opposed to knives, weapons and sticks

All weapon defenses, groundfighting ideas and complex strikes

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