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Gastroparesis (69%) renal failure,1831, 2829 following another and syncope (12%) are frequent presenting bout of excessive ingestion of alcohol by complaints. Spinal fluid protein levels are chronic alcoholics. Pathologically the condition is marked by often (75%) elevated in pandysautonomic myofibrillar degeneration especially of type subtypes. Prolonged and incomplete recovery 1 fibers. See also alcoholic myopathy, acute is the rule (60%), with persistent gastroparesis and orthostatic hypotension.

Ninds. invented by Dr. htm/. D. thesis), myotonic presenting clinically as severe childhood adiposis dolorosa See Dercum dystrophy, pituitary tumors, forced autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy grasping, and multiple sclerosis but is best disease. (SCARMD) resembling Duchenne remembered for his 1931 description55 of dystrophy in its clinical features and course the pupillary anomaly which bears his name, adiposogenital syndrome Arrest or but without involvement of the cardiac, delay in sexual development with obesity although he gave credit to colleagues for facial, ocular, or pharyngeal muscles.

Symptoms reach their nadir in less than 3 weeks, but 80% of patients improve to some degree by 6 weeks. The CSF protein is frequently raised but the cell count is not (albumino-cytologic dissociation). The disease presents one of the classic ‘‘catch-22’’ dilemmas; those who respond best to plasmapheresis are also those whose signs have progressed rapidly over the first week, but the best response is obtained when this treatment is given in the first 7 days. 6807 Descriptive clinical258 and electrodiagnostic101 criteria have been defined (but criticized by Poser5095) and some are reproduced in Chart A–2.

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