By Pat O'Keeffe

Designed to be straightforward and transparent, it is a entire guide on kick boxing. It seeks to provide an explanation for every little thing a kick boxer must recognize to enhance kick boxing abilities for wrestle.

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78 to 81) Fig 78 The turning movement after the rear elbow strike to the liver should put maximum power in your left hook. Be sure to co-ordinate the turn with the punch and pivot your ankle, hip and shoulder behind it. In any hold-breaking situation it is important to remain flexible. Double up on any or all strikes if necessary. Try to maximise your power by twisting your body behind each strike. This is of particular importance when you are attacked from the rear and accuracy is difficult. Fig 79 Fig 80 64 Fig 81 Hold-Breaking Rear Choke Situation Five: You are seized from behind with a rear choke.

3) When you are an exceptional kicker. To remove all doubt should any still remain, I strongly recommend that you only use high kicks not when one of these conditions prevail, but when they all do. The floating ribs and the kidneys, on approximately the same line, are the highest targets at which you should normally aim. Remember, the penalties for getting it wrong are severe and possibly permanent. The Knee So obvious is the knee’s use as a weapon that even untrained street fighters will readily use it to the groin and head, but it is only with training that this ‘natural’ short-range weapon reaches its full potential.

Fig 79 Fig 80 64 Fig 81 Hold-Breaking Rear Choke Situation Five: You are seized from behind with a rear choke. From this position your assailant can crush your windpipe or render you unconscious. It is important to react very quickly and disable him. Hold his elbow with your right hand and quickly turn your head into the angle of his arm, dropping your chin at the same time. This will relieve the pressure on your windpipe, but you are still in danger from the pressure on your carotid arteries. You now have only seconds in which to break the hold.

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