By Pat O'Keeffe

Designed to be common and transparent, this can be a accomplished handbook on kick boxing. It seeks to give an explanation for every little thing a kick boxer must comprehend to improve kick boxing abilities for wrestle.

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Fig. 41) To throw the rising knee kick, raise your knee rapidly upwards and strike the target, thrusting your hip behind the action to increase its power. Many of the targets for the rising knee kick are on the centre line of the body. Further, because the head can be seized and drawn down (see figure 41) it can also be considered a viable target. The jumping version of the rising knee kick is a very strong ring technique, but its use in the street is too big a gamble. It is never a good idea to have both feet off the ground, because landing makes you extremely vulnerable to having your feet kicked from under you.

The main targets for this strike are the nape of the neck, the collar bone, between the shoulder blades and the kidneys. Rising Elbow Strike 34 Fig 31 Targets and Techniques Striking Surface: Front edge and point A useful close-range weapon that performs a similar function to the uppercut. The rising elbow strike creates great power within a short distance. To throw the rising elbow strike, thrust the elbow upward in a tight arc, curving your body to add power. (Fig. 32) The main targets for the rising elbow strike are the chin, solar plexus and between the shoulder blades.

It can be thrown in a front, rear, side or rising motion. A particularly effective attack is to grab your assailant’s head and drive your thumbs into their eyes. Then slam the top of your forehead on to their nose or the rim of their eye socket. (Fig. 56) Strong neck muscles and quick reactions are essential to obtain the maximum effect from the strike. A neck muscle development programme will prevent self-injury and increase your striking power when using this technique. It important to train on soft equipment such as a soft shield to prevent training injuries.

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