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''Translating laboratory discoveries into profitable therapeutics could be tough. medical Trials in Neurology goals to enhance the potency of medical trials and the advance of interventions in an effort to improve the advance of latest remedies for neurologic illnesses. It introduces the reader to the foremost suggestions underpinning trials within the neurosciences. This quantity tackles the demanding situations of developing Read more...

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Some of these problems have arisen because we have historically used clinical scales that were developed to describe subgroups of domains afected by CNS diseases. One example is the EDSS in MS which is largely inluenced by lower extremity walking function, but less so by cognition or upper extremity function. Furthermore, it has been extremely diicult to determine and agree on what degree of change represents a clinically meaningful outcome. All of these factors have contributed to a high degree of failure in late stages of development (see Chapter 2).

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