By R. W. Jepson

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This booklet is principally in response to lectures given by way of Professor D. R. Cox and myself at Birkbeck university over a interval of 8 to 9 years. it all started as a three way partnership, yet strain of alternative paintings made it priceless for Professor Cox to withdraw early on. i've got all through got a lot worthy recommendation and encouragement from Professor Cox, yet in fact, i'm exclusively chargeable for the textual content, and any blunders last in it.

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But someone who feels strongly that there is something wrong and unsatisfactory about modern civilised life might be tempted to argue that such a life was unnatural (sense iv) and therefore contrary to the Creator's wishes and designs (sense i). Not perhaps in so many words; but one frequently finds references to the "golden age" enjoyed by primitive peoples, which probably spring from confusion of this kind; the cry "Back to nature! " It is too often taken for granted, especially by advocates of war as an instrument of national policy or by those that believe that international peace is an impossible ideal, that human nature (in sense iv) is both unchangeable and depraved.

Of a tiny oligarchy. Let me take another word. . ' Now, if that word has any meaning at all, it means an attempt on the part of a Great Power to impose its rule by force upon peoples who do not wish to accept that rule. Well, at the moment, we are clearing out of Egypt, and according to India her full independence; we are keeping to the pledge we gave in the Atlantic Charter, that we should not seek any territorial aggrandisement. We shall come out of the war owning far less territory than we possessed when we entered it.

H) Humour is thinking in jest and feeling in earnest. (1) Oats is a grain which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people. (j) A snob is a social prig, and a prig is an intellectual snob. (k) An ambassador is a man sent to lie abroad for his country. 10. " What possible meanings could scientific bear here? 11. The following passage is an extract from a letter written to a London newspaper in June 1943: "At a time when the press, the wireless and the films have been welded into a vast Government propaganda machine, when the slick young men formerly so earnest in advising us to 'eat more bananas ' have been retained to filter the turbid stream of Whitehall truth until it becomes palatable for mass consumption, when every twopenny-ha'penny town ball has become a 52 temple of bureaucracy whose priests occasionally vary the monotony of their whole-time job of plastering the public with forms and generally impeding business by an excursion into some childish 'campaign,' with all its attendant mumbo-jumbo beloved of Pooh-Bahs throughout the ages—at such a time it is perhaps too much to hope that even a small percentage of adults should shut their ears to the babel of the planners and calmly THINK.

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