By Alicia Freilich de Segal, Joan Friedman

Cl?per is a singular of Venezuelan Jewish lifestyles initially released in Spanish in 1987. Narrated via a father, a first-generation emigrant from jap Europe, and his daughter, a second-generation Jewish Venezuelan, it tells a vintage tale of the twentieth-century Jewish event, of previous international struggles for financial survival and New international struggles for recognition and independence. The novel's allure lies within the author's good fortune in rendering diversified voices convincingly, and in so doing representing quite a number immigrant and postimmigrant reviews. "Cl?per" is a transliteration of a Yiddish be aware for peddler; it really is how the daddy humbly describes himself, or, as a "knower of not anything, a schlepper, a knocker on doors." His made up our minds trudge via lifestyles contrasts with the emotional and cultural doubts of his confident daughter coming of age in the course of the time of radical pleasure that swept via collage campuses within the Nineteen Sixties, making this tale not just a well-known one in all Jewish existence but in addition of the common intergenerational contests among guardian and baby.

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We should not have participated. " "That's nonsense! " "Yes, we did, so what? " Page 8 "Did you already forget that we were accused shortly after, and still to this very day, of spying for the Russians? " "You're the one who's an idiot. " "Nu, so it protested, so? Did anything change? Why? " "Friends, friends. " "Any alternatives, stupid? " "Nu, you stay here then. You'd rather put up with the slaughter of your brothers, the burning of your miserable little houses, and the fact that your sons will never be able to study in a Polish school than suffer a little hunger in the Holy Land or even over there in America.

You know something? It's unusual for a month to go by without a wedding in my village. Nu? I guess even in Paradise it's not good to Page 2 be alone. Why did I decide to leave at the end of this Shabbat and not another? I've waited long enough and the moment of destiny we forge for ourselves has arrived for me. . But, I have to pretend and hurry without rushing. Thank god nobody notices as long as my mouth laughs and my legs dance by themselves, which is of course what happens to everyone in my village when there is a wedding.

Left behind is the daily, cloistered existence of her home in San Leopoldino. Here is an open universe without walls, so varied, it offers itself unconditionally to her every wish. " Oy gottenyu! When will I finally be able to leave Lendov? From afar I see Pinchas Gros, the only one of us who lives among the Gentiles and in the very center of town. He's a common man who doesn't even know how to write his name and celebrates the Sabbath alone. I must admit he sure has a great talent for fixing watches and glasses.

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