By Iain Abernethy

Bunkai Jutsu is intensely good performed. Iain Abernethy is among the few authors who actually is aware and is ready to converse that martial arts are at their center approximately wrestle. Kata isn't really dance perform neither is it cardio education (though that is a valid part good thing about appearing it). it's the primary foundation of a scuffling with paintings. Bunkai are the kata purposes practitioners can use for real-life self-defense. Abernethy offers a simple to learn method of realizing and using those purposes.

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We’ll discuss some of these reasons in more depth later on in this chapter. For now we will concentrate on the fact that this interpretation ignores the true reason as to why the movement is performed to the side. We shall now look at a practical application for this sequence, which takes into account the angle at which the techniques are performed. The opponent has managed to secure a grip on your clothing (Figure 9). At this point the opponent’s back hand is posing the greatest danger. By seizing the opponent’s hand, and turning to the side, the karateka is moved off the line of any back-hand punch and the opponent’s arm becomes locked (Figure 10).

Pulling ‘mean’ faces and shouting loudly will not cause aiki. Only if the performer is truly in possession of strong fighting skills, and they have the necessary mental qualities to apply those skills, will aiki be the result. The concepts of kiai and aiki should not be confused with arrogance. Kiai and aiki will occur because the karateka is, in all reality, so highly skilled as to be unbeatable in that particular situation. They will not occur through delusions of grandeur. All martial artists should aspire to be humble beings and as such it should be our aim to actually acquire such high skill levels and not to just be so arrogant that we think we have!

It is also important to guard against your ego when analysing kata. If someone else interprets the kata differently to you, that in no way diminishes the effectiveness of your particular application. Yasutsune Itsou wrote, “There are many movements in karate. When you train you must try to understand the aim 44 The rules of bunkai of the movement and its application. You have to take into account all possible meanings and applications of the move. ” Of all the karate masters, Itsou probably had the biggest influence on the way in which kata developed.

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