By Royce Gracie, Charles Gracie

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has grew to become the martial arts international the wrong way up via emphasizing real-life events and effects over the dramatic kicks and throws of formal pageant, making it additionally probably the most powerful self-defense ideas for non-athletes. This consultant to the self-defense thoughts taught within the sessions of Royce Gracie, one of many largest figures on the earth of jiu-jitsu, offers classes that anyone—regardless of power or size—can learn how to neutralize an attacker in seconds. It bargains numerous defenses to take advantage of opposed to knife and gun assaults, in addition to escapes from headlocks, choke holds, and different events that attackers use in the street. suggestion on practising and falling and rolling make this publication the following smartest thing to taking the periods which are well-liked by the U.S. army, police academies, and womens self-defense colleges.

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No matter what you do in life, if you don't know yourself, you're never going to be able to appreciate anything in life. That, I think, is today's mark of a good human being-to know yourself. -Steve McQueen We'd work out for an hour, then we'd talk for an hour about a lot of things. He didn't separate life from the extension in his arm. And he is the only one I know of that carried it to the point of real art. -James Coburn PREFACE The Philosophy of Bruce Lee BRUCE LEE INSPIRED many people. Fans of his movies were dazzled by his physical brilliance, martial arts practitioners were awed by his deep understanding of the combative arts, while others found guidance in his underlying philosophy, which wove the spiritual and physical aspects of martial art together into a way of life.

Motivation 47. Goals 48. Faith 49. Success 50. Money 51. Fame 52. Flattery PART V On Art and Artists 53. Art 54. Film making 55. Acting PART VI On Personal Liberation 56. Conditioning 57. Systems 58. Detachment 59. No-mindedness (Wu-hsin) 60. Zen Buddhism 61. Meditation 62. On Being Centered 63. Freedom PART VII The Process of Becoming 64. Self-actualisation 65. Self-help 66. Self-knowledge 67. Self-expression 68. On Growth 69. Simplicity PART VIII On Ultimate (Final) Principles 70. Yin-yang 71.

Wu-wei (natural action) 15. The Mind 16. Thinking 17. Concepts (Abstracting) 18. Knowledge 19. Ideas 20. Perception 21. The Ego (Self-consciousness) 22. Concentration 23. On Reason 24. Emotion 25. Happiness 26. Fear 27. Will 28. Good Will 29. Dreams 30. Spirituality PART III On Matters of Existence 31. Health 32. Courtship 33. Love 34. Marriage 35. On Raising Children 36. Education 37. Teaching 38. Ethics 39. Racism 40. Adversity 41. Confrontation 42. Adaptability 43. Philosophy PART IV On Achievement 44.

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