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;Биологические мотивации КНИГИ ;НАУКА и УЧЕБА Автор: Судаков К.В. Название: Биологические мотивации Издательство: Медицина Год: 1971 Формат: djvu Размер: 4,6 Mb +3% Для сайта: www.mirknig.comКнига посвящена описанию таких эмоциональных состояний как голод, жажда, половое возбуждение, страх. Показана роль мотивации в приспособительных реакциях организма, патология и психофармакология мотиваций.Depozit documents zero

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Although in vitro culture of bovine cortical pieces leads to spontaneous activation of primordial follicles (Wandji et al. 1996), such activation is halted if the culture medium lacks insulin (Fortune et al. 2011). Insulin has also been found to promote the activation of primordial follicles in cultured fetal hamster ovaries (Yu and Roy 1999) and neonatal rat ovaries (Kezele et al. 2002). Thus, insulin appears to be essential to activate primordial follicles at least in vitro. The precise culture conditions that mimic the natural in vivo conditions in terms of nutrients, growth factors, pH, temperature, and oxygen concentration, however, have yet to be defined for the in vitro culture of human ovarian tissues.

The unique process of homologous recombination and synapsis is confined to the germ line and represents the earliest event in the life history of the oocyte requiring major chromosome reorganization (Burgoyne et al. 2009). F. Albertini and R. Olsen exchange of genetic materials between adjacent chromatids within homologous chromosomes. The reparation of DSBs at crossover sites sometimes fails, resulting in asynapsis of homologues that can ultimately lead to nondisjunction at metaphase of meiosis 1.

After 13 days of culturing neonatal ovaries in this modified medium, the isolated pre-antral follicles were cultured on an ovarian stromal cell feeder layer. This led to the generation of a significantly higher number of GVBD-competent oocytes (Li et al. 2011) than the original culture protocol (Eppig and O’Brien 1996; O’Brien et al. 2003). These results suggest that PTEN inhibitors could potentially be used in human ovarian culture medium to trigger the activation of primordial follicles. However, one must be extremely cautious while using PTEN inhibitors because PTEN has been shown to be a tumor suppressor (Cully et al.

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