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This ebook supplies the main updated photo of the topic―XML help within the most recent internet browsers, growing XML-driven functions utilizing the main models of internet criteria and server-side languages, together with CSS 2.1/3, DOM, XSLT and XPath 2, Hypertext Preprocessor five, ASP.NET 2, and lots of extra. The publication indicates so that you can supply the reader all they should understand to hit the floor working, with out making them trawl via 1000s of pages of syntax. The e-book additionally presents an advent to Ajax-style programming, that is a vital subject for contemporary internet builders to appreciate. XML is center to Ajax, so an knowing of it truly is crucial whilst studying the right way to software Ajax performance. This ebook as a result offers a good stepping stone for readers wishing to take this path.

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Both processing models offer advantages. DOM-based parsing provides full read-write access to an XML document, and you can traverse the document tree to access nodes within the document. It can also validate a document against a DTD or XML schema to determine that the document is valid. However, DOM-based parsing must read the full XML document into memory, so DOM parsing can be slow and memory-intensive when working with large XML documents. It’s difficult to determine exactly what constitutes a large XML document, because processing time depends on computing power, memory, time available, and whether it’s working in a singleuser environment or a multiuser environment such as a web server.

I’ll explain more about XSLT and XPath in this chapter’s “Understanding XSLT” and “XPath” sections. There are currently many different XML vocabularies in use. The next section introduces you to some popular vocabularies. XML Vocabularies In this chapter, you’ve seen how to define an XML vocabulary using a DTD or XML schema. Many XML vocabularies have become industry standards, so before defining your own language, it might be worthwhile to see what vocabularies already exist. You’ve already seen some XML vocabularies such as XHTML and XML schema, and I’ll show you more in Chapter 3.

They usually appear in the prolog, although they can appear in other places within an XML document. xml. Even though the XML declaration looks similar, it’s worth remembering that it’s quite different from a PI. > The first item in a PI is a name, called the PI target. The preceding PI has the name xml-stylesheet. Names that start with xml are reserved for XML-specific PIs. xsl". Although this looks like two attributes, the content isn’t treated that way. You’ll see more examples of stylesheet PIs in Chapters 6 and 7.

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