By Erle Montaigue

Heavily on the topic of taijiquan, baguazhang is without doubt one of the 3 nice inner arts and, like its opposite numbers, can be utilized to kill in addition to to heal. Hidden inside of it's a sequence of brutal, relentless moves utilized quick and mercilessly to the very lethal dim-mak issues of the physique. during this ebook, Erle Montaigue first introduces the unique round shape, entire with pictures of every posture and its useful program. subsequent he offers the linear or battling shape to coach the secrets and techniques of extracting an unending array of wrestle purposes from this complicated paintings. when you have fun with the twin therapeutic and martial traits of dim-mak and different inner arts, this ebook might be a useful addition in your education library. for educational examine in basic terms.

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Begin walking around the Page 57 PUSH HANDS circle keeping the contact. The first movement that we learn is the ‘QUICK FOOT WORK METHOD:’ One player will push his touching palm towards the other's chest placing some pressure onto his wrist. As soon as this pressure is felt, the other player should speed up his walking so that the attack misses, simple. This is a way of gaining great sensitivity to an attack. Pretty soon you are able to know when he will attack just by feeling his changes in energy from yin to yang which must happen for anyone to attack From here we go on to execute more techniques, in fact at an advanced level any known technique from any martial art can be thrown and defended against from this position and if you are able to or even almost able to defend at this close range, then the longer attacks will be a snap.

PHOTO NO. 277, only in reverse. TA K I N G A S T E P A N D S L I P P I N G A L A T E R A L PA L M : From the last kick, I take my right foot and place it where it is, taking my left palm under my right and ending up facing to the N. with my left foot and hand forward. PHOTO NO. 279. I take his left attack with my left palm and slip it along his under arm Page 50 B A G UA Z H A N G T H E C O M P L E T E S Y S T E M V O L 2 PHOTO NO. 280. And attack his ribs. A175. I now lift his left arm with my left palm and take a step to the N.

PHOTO NO. 241. A151 A T TA C K I N G W I T H A S E R I E S O F A R ROW S : (Opposite) The same as the previous movements of the same name only in reverse. Take your right palm under your left and do the slip block around to the S. and repeat the same movements only in reverse. Page 40 B A G UA Z H A N G T H E C O M P L E T E S Y S T E M V O L 2 BEAR SPINS A RO U N D TO WA R D O F F THE BEES: Facing to the S. Step forward with your left foot in an 'L' stance and block inward with your left palm.

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