By John Bracy

This e-book presents a background of Ba Gua--a infrequent, mysterious, and robust kind of kung fu--covering its nature and that means, and the metaphysical and symbolic features of the self-discipline. a hundred and fifty pictures.

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About Taiwan The Nationalist Chinese withdrew to Taiwan in 1949 with the Communist Chinese army at their heels. Traditional internal masters were not high on the priority list of those who would be selected to go to the island, especially since they lacked wealth and political influence. In the Nationalists' hasty (and ostensibly "temporary") move to Taiwan, priority was given to the politicians, the military officials, and influential persons from the mainland. High preference was not given to the older kung fu masters.

The ability to directly sense energetic flow ensures greater success in correcting the problem. During the student's experimentation with the angle variation of his or her arm he or she has access to another set of criteria compared with the student who does not have direct experiential feedback. Students who sense qi in the way just described are on the path to mastery and more. This way of understanding the body will be extrapolated to areas outside of the martial. For instance, a typical result is that the student gains ability to directly affect his or her physical health; through the ability to detect imbalances he or she will often be in tune with his body and in many cases will be able to detect imbalances before serious illness sets in, such as allowing for corrections to take place in diet, exercise patterns or lifestyle.

It was only by passing these exams that one could acquire positions in government or higher society. The impetus for the merging of these groups was the instability of the 1800s. The government and police were corrupt and secret societies formed to create resistance groups and exact tributes from landholders. The difficulty of the times created a need for intellectuals to become involved in martial arts to protect their interests when the state could not. Discussing the authors of the T'ai Chi Classics, Douglas Wile states that the "...

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