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1755 marked the purpose at which occasions in the USA ceased to be thought of subsidiary affairs within the nice foreign competition that existed among the colonial powers of serious Britain and France. This ebook examines the Braddock crusade of 1755, a section of the broader ‘Braddock Plan’ that aimed to force the French from all the contested areas they occupied in North the USA. instead of being an archetypal army history-styled research of common Edward Braddock’s foray into the Ohio Valley, this paintings will argue that British defeat on the notorious conflict of the Monongahela might be seen as person who eventually embodied army, political and diplomatic divergences and weaknesses in the British Atlantic global of the eighteenth century. those components, in flip, hinted at becoming schisms within the empire that may result in the breakup of British North the United States within the 1770s and the start of the long run usa. Such an interpretation strikes clear of the belief so frequently complex that Braddock’s Defeat used to be a tremendously, and largely ‘British’, martial disaster; consequently permitting the end result of this pivotal occasion in American heritage to be understood in a distinct vein than has hitherto been apparent.

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HALL martial traditions on the day of engagement. 35 Indeed, though Braddock’s Virginian and Maryland forces are so often lauded for their behavior (in contrast to the “dastardly recoats” of the British Army), it is clear that Americans, both civilian and military, undermined the British effort on the logistical, diplomatic, political and martial levels. The first three elements have been sketched out earlier in this work, but often a forgotten component of the failed campaign is the truism that American soldiers (and civilians) sapped British morale on the long march to the Ohio Valley by feeding the Braddock’s soldiers gruesome tales of Indian barbarity and their almost mythical prowess in backcountry warfare—an example of blue on blue “PSYWAR,” to delve into modern military lexicon.

P. Thompson and by extending this knowledge into analyses of military law, new military INTRODUCTION, BOOK STRUCTURE AND THE CONTEXT OF HISTORIOGRAPHY 13 historians such as Stephen Brumwell have now been able to argue that the criminal justice system of both army and society was actually something of a legal pantomime that subtly protected the existing social order. 32 It is modern British military historiography therefore, that further helps dismiss the idea that Braddock’s defeat (and the overall failure of the 1755 campaign) represents the core and inevitable failure of British military tradition when it was applied to American martial, cultural and environmental parameters in 1755; dispelling longstanding and ill-contrived myths and stereotypes in the process.

See John Grenier’s analysis of the British campaign in the Scottish Highlands. John Grenier, The First Way of War: American War Making of the Frontier (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005), 107–111. 34.  Preston’s Braddock’s Defeat: The Battle of the Monongahela and the Road to Revolution (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015) and Crocker, Braddock’s March.  Kopperman, Braddock at the Monongahela (Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1992) and Crocker, Braddock’s March. INTRODUCTION, BOOK STRUCTURE AND THE CONTEXT OF HISTORIOGRAPHY 19 35.

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