By Geoff Thompson

Throughout the struggle or flight syndrome we event what's referred to as 'mid mind' the place we aren't discernable from animals and our purely problem is that of survival. Our intuition in mid mind then is 'to run' away in place of 'stand and fight'. This intuition is deeply embedded in our genes and is going again hundreds of thousands of years to our Mammalian ancestry the place assailants have been too nice to face and struggle and 'flight' used to be continually the favoured reaction. The artwork of posturing works in this confirmed premise and teaches you ways to set off mid mind in a possible assailant and actually frighten him into 'flight intuition' (so that he runs away) and beat him with out changing into actual. It additionally is helping to give an explanation for (and for this reason supply solace) why we think like working clear of all confrontational moments in existence and the way we will educate ourselves and our scholars to beat this normal intuition while possibly runninf away isn't really in our greatest pursuits.

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The majority of the time these situations are benign until we counter their initial aggression, either because of our ego, some misdirected need to cleanse the world of bad people or the fact that we are reacting to the situation in a displaced manner ourselves. Imagine two guys, lets call them Joe and Pete, beating the crap out of each other over a minor a traffic incident. But they are not really fighting with each other. Pete is really battering his bullying boss and Joe is really battering his domineering wife.

A physical approach follows. ’ He then generally progresses to an actual challenge or attack. ’ Often the assailant will attack at ‘actual challenge’. The Art of Fighting Without Fighting – If he does not, as a pre-cursor to violence, he will often drop into single syllables that act as subliminal action triggers to his attack. Words like ‘Yeah’, ‘And’ or ‘So’ are often employed just before attack. The single syllable is a sure sign that the interview is nearing an end and the introduction of physical violence is imminent.

When this is the case – as it very often is – most assaults will be physical and violent almost immediately. The ritual is only used in a bid to trick an intended victim or heighten their vulnerability. If the intended victim has already placed him or herself in a victim state, then they’ll be attacked without any warning. To notice rituals and entrapments you have to be switched 39 The Art of Fighting Without Fighting on and have your eyes wide open otherwise you will suffer the fate of those before you.

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